3 Ways To Beat Binge Eating

3 Ways To Beat Binge Eating

3 Ways To Beat Binge Eating

We've all done it or thought about, or you may even be doing it while you read this.

You're bored at work and that creamy, rich, chocolate is staring at you. Your boyfriend just left you and that 3 tier, delicious cake your friend has leftover from their birthday is literally jumping at you. You think it's going to solve all your heartache. Or maybe you're just hungry at home, your fridge has healthy food in it but you'd have to cook it, so you walk around the corner and get a cheeseburger with fries in under 3 minutes. But what you're also getting is a sugar and salt bomb to the heart and a 1000 cans of whoop-ass (aka calories) to all your hard work. 

Sure having a treat is bad, but having a treat isn't binging

So before I go any further, I just want to get something straight. There is a huge difference between binge eating and treating yourself. Also, no matter how tasty the chocolate, how soft the cake or how cheesy the will not cure your boredom. It will not bring your boyfriend back and it's certainly no good for your health, hard work or mental state. In fact, it's quite common that women will feel worse after a binge episode. Unfortunately, a lot of eating disorders begin this way. So let's try and avoid these problems with some tactical methods to avoiding the issue altogether.

So how do you beat the binge?

1. Treat yourself regularly

Probably not what you were expecting, right? In my experience, people always want what they can't have. Whether it's the perfect guy or a huge wardrobe filled with designer labels. So in this situation, the easiest way to prevent binge eating, is to not make it a binge, but make it a treat. Once per week go have a really nice meal with your friends or even bake yourself a cake and have a slice...or two. Just don't go over the top and don't make it a binge - plan for it. That way it doesn't become "the untouchable" or "the naughty snack" it just becomes a treat. 

2. Play it smart

Everyone's reasons are different, so figure out why you're binging. Like I said above, binging won't cure boredom and it certainly won't bring your boyfriend back. So while food seems like a good outlet in these situations, it's probably only going to make you feel worse. Girl time, a big walk, or even just a massage can be a much better, healthier option.  

3. Get organised

Laziness or disorganisation are huge culprits for binging. As I said above, who wants to get home late from work and then cook a meal? That'll take ages, right? Well really, in the same time you walk or drive down the road to McDonalds, you could probably heat up some rice, cook some fish and sprinkle some herbs on top with a side of vegetables. It really doesn't take that long, especially if some is preprepared. Get yourself organised for meals during the day and always have spare, healthy food in the fridge. 

Sweat with Kayla

So, let's making binging a thing of the past. Let's get organised, have a weekly treat and spend some time learning about what our own worst enemies are. This way, we can avoid these little problems and get on with our healthy, happy and confident life. 


Kayla x

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