Have You Lost FAT or Just "Weight?" Find Out Now!

Have You Lost FAT or Just "Weight?" Find Out Now!

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The difference between weight loss and fat loss is HUGE! It is generally a confusing and untouched area for most girls. It is so important to remember that the scales are not the only important factor when tracking progress. Because this is a controversial topic, here are some FACTS to help you understand the difference! 

First things first, when you lose weight (scale on the left) you lose a little bit of everything. This includes fat, muscle, bathroom visits (number two's) and fluids as shown in the image above. This does not necessarily mean you are getting leaner or more toned, it can simply mean your body is getting rid of fluid and wastage as well as potentially losing muscle. This is often the case with "detox teas" or "cleanses," which can force your body to literally flush out your system. This isn't necessarily healthy, and more importantly, does not eliminate fat in your body. Those type of "weight loss" systems are just that, weight loss, and not FAT loss! 

Now,  losing actual fat (scale on the right), means you will begin to see more muscle definition, you are building strength as well as muscle, and your physical appearance (body composition) will improve dramatically. This is what gives you the lines on your abs, tight and firm skin on your legs, and can remove some of the jiggle from those unwanted areas. 


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"So, how do I lose fat instead of just weight?"

It is much easier than you think! To explain it simply, when your body is comfortable, it will follow it's normal functions. What I mean by this, is that losing weight is a normal result of exercise and properly planned healthy eating, but so many people overcomplicate it. Here are a few top tips I like to give my clients;

- Eat lots of quality protein - it stimulates your metabolism, keeps you full and is great for your hormones.

- Do cardio AND resistance training - they play a huge role in weight-loss and are both necessary for a sustainable healthy lifestyle. 

- Eat/drink consistently - the less your body has to adapt to new amounts of food or fluid the easier it is for these normal processes to occur.

- Sleep - while you sleep your body recovers, stress decreases and it produces large amounts of multiple important hormones. Make sure you are getting enough each night.

If you are wanting to achieve the confidence and happiness that my Bikini Body Training Guide is designed for, it means you should be aiming to lose mostly body fat and not just body weight. It is important not to obsess with the weight number on a scale, and remember things won't change over night. 

So when you say I have only lost 1KG (or 1LB), that actually could be a big deal.  If it was 1KG of mostly or all fat, then that is a huge achievement! However, if you've just lost 1KG of water and muscle etc,  then don't expect to see such a big change in how you look or feel.

If you're wanting a toned and lean body, then you want the majority of your loss to come from fat. A specifically programmed exercise program in conjunction with a healthy and balanced diet will work best for this!

Kayla xx

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.

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