Na-na's make you happy!

Na-na's make you happy!

"A banana a day keeps your sadness away" - Unknown

I didn't really think anything of this quote until I started focussing more on nutrition research. Whether or not this person knew it, what they said was actually quite true. Bananas are actually a great source of many nutrients and the combination of some of these can help you to "feel better". Did you know that bananas are the only fruit that contain both the amino acid tryptophan and vitamin B6? In combination, these two nutrients help to produce serotonin, which is a natural chemical in the brain that can help us to feel happy, relaxed and confident. It may also help to alleviate mental stress.

To help you relax even more, you can sleep easy at night knowing that bananas are also one of the best sources of potassium and an awesome source of energy! Eating two bananas can give you enough energy to fuel a 90 minute workout, so it’s no wonder athletes love them! And as a popular choice for breakfast, what better way to start the day.

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Some great ways to have your na-na's are:

  • as a topping for your oats or porridge
  • sliced and topped with a little peanut butter
  • in a smoothie with yoghurt, ice and chocolate protein powder (optional)
  • frozen and blended up to create “nice cream”


Love, Kayla xx

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