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"I Am Breast Cancer Aware" Help Us Raise $100,000!



If you’re reading this:

  • You are part of the world’s biggest female fitness community.
  • You are a woman who has been supported by this community.
  • You or someone you know has probably been affected by breast cancer.
  • It’s our responsibility to support this.

We’re real women, and this is a real issue. Let’s show our support in the fight against a disease that impacts us all.

What are we doing?

Breast cancer is one of the biggest killers of women around the world. It affects mothers, daughters, friends, relatives and colleagues. There’s a very real possibility it affects someone close to you.

This month, we’re joining the fight against breast cancer and we want to raise $100,000.

The BBG Community is all about support and being there for each other. Support is what every women needs when facing a battle against breast cancer. So let’s show some support.

Who are we fundraising for?

We chose two very special organisations to donate to - the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) and the McGrath Foundation. Both of these charities do amazing work, which is why we’re splitting the donations 50/50. I’ve inserted some more information about these charities at the bottom of my blog.

How can you get involved?

We know how supportive and caring the BBG Community is. We’re a huge community, in fact, we are the largest female fitness community in the world! Lending our support to women who need help is something we’re great at.

Breast cancer is a concern for all women, so we want to get the BBG Community involved. We need your help to donate, share and support. This is a great opportunity to help your fellow ladies!

Donate — Jump over to our MyCause page or use the widget on this page to make a donation. Every donation helps! The cause you’re supporting could help a friend or family member one day.

Be aware — Learn how to perform self-examinations. You are in the best position to notice any changes in your breasts!

We’ve set a big target for ourselves, but I know we can smash it!

We want to provide assistance to women battling this disease. We want to find a cure.

Love, Kayla xx


Appendix A

National Breast Cancer Foundation

The National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) raises money for research into the prevention, treatment and cure of breast cancer in Australia. Since being founded in 1994, the NBCF has raised more than $127 million for research projects relating to breast cancer. NBCF raises funds for research into both a cure, and to help improve the health of those patients currently affected by breast cancer.

The McGrath Foundation

The McGrath Foundation supports women with breast cancer by assisting with the placement of breast cancer nurses in communities throughout Australia. These nurses are specially trained to help with the care of breast cancer patients and their families, whether that be providing emotional support, explaining technical details or simply answering questions.

In addition to providing care for patients diagnosed with breast cancer, the McGrath Foundation aims to raise breast awareness.


* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.

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