Thank You For Your Support This October!

Thank You For Your Support This October!

Thank You For Your Support This October!

At the start of October, my team and I set a goal to raise $100,000 as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The number of women who are at risk of developing breast cancer is staggering, with one in eight women being diagnosed in their lifetime. In Australia, two women under the age of 40 will be diagnosed with breast cancer each day.

The BBG Community is the largest female fitness community in the world. As this cause personally affects so many women (as well as some men), it’s wonderful that we could show our support.

So to all of you who donated, or made a purchase during our 50% off sale, thank you! You all helped us to not only reach our target, but to totally smash it!

Together, we raised $115,495.00! What a huge effort!

This money will be distributed evenly between our two selected charities, the National Breast Cancer Foundation and the McGrath Foundation.

Thank you for supporting our cause!

Both the National Breast Cancer Foundation and McGrath Foundation do such amazing work, searching for a cure and assisting women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Our contributions will directly help these two foundations to continue with their research and services.

Are you breast aware?

This month, I not only wanted to help raise funds for breast cancer charities, but I also wanted to spread the word about breast cancer detection.

It’s so important for us to learn how to check our breasts and to regularly self-examine. Becoming familiar with our breasts, being confident in detecting a change, knowing the risk factors for breast cancer and self-examining each month can help us to become experts in our own breast health.

We need to be informed when it comes to breast cancer. Becoming ‘breastperts’ gives us all the best chance of detecting and treating breast cancer. You can learn more about becoming a breastpert here.

As October comes to an end, I want to remind you all how important it is to continue with your monthly breast checks all year round. I hope we all learned a thing or two about breast health over the last month.

Finally, another huge thank you to all of the girls who have supported our fundraising efforts this month. You are truly amazing!

Love, Kayla xx

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