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Which BBG Program Is Right For You?

Which BBG Program Is Right For You?
Bbg Vs Bbg Stronger

Some of you will know that I have three workout programs available in the SWEAT app: BBG Zero Equipment, which you can do at home or outdoors, BBG which you can do at home, and BBG Stronger for women who want to train in the gym! 

I love these training styles — I’ve been doing workouts from BBG Zero Equipment and I am feeling stronger than ever!

I want to explain the differences between the three programs, for those of you who might be new to my training style. 

Find out: 

What is BBG Zero Equipment?

BBG Zero Equipment is my no-equipment full-body training program designed to be done at home, or in any available outdoor space. 

It is a 28-week program, which includes four Beginner weeks of low-impact training, using bodyweight as resistance. 

If you’re new to training, the Beginner weeks have been designed to build a foundation of fitness. 

From Week 1 of BBG Zero Equipment, the exercises gradually increase in complexity and build towards a more high-intensity style of training.

To maximise the flexibility of BBG Zero Equipment, you have six workout options to choose from every week. There are four BBG-style or bootcamp-style workouts which are 28 minutes, and two weekly Express workouts,which are under 15 minutes. 

The BBG Zero Equipment workouts available each week are:

  • Full Body Circuit (28 minutes)
  • Full Body Bootcamp (28 minutes)
  • Arms & Abs (28 minutes)
  • Express Legs (12-13 minutes)
  • Express Abs (12-13 minutes)
  • Full Body Chair (28 minutes)

The Express Legs workouts are optional in Beginner weeks, and weeks 1-4, and part of the program for weeks 5-24. The Express Abs workout is optional for the full duration of the program, as is the Full Body Chair (which can be done using a chair at home, or a bench if you’re training at a park).

BBG Zero Equipment also includes low-intensity steady-state, or LISS cardio, and high-intensity cardio and recovery sessions you can do over the course of a week. One day per week is designated as a rest day.

The four Beginner weeks have three scheduled resistance workouts, a low-intensity cardio session and a recovery session.

Weeks 1-4 have three resistance workouts, two cardio sessions and a recovery session.

Weeks 5-24 have four resistance workouts, two cardio workouts and one recovery session. 

BBG Zero Equipment follows a similar format to my other BBG programs, with the introduction of high-intensity cardio after week 9. 

How do I complete a BBG Zero Equipment workout?

Each of the BBG Zero Equipment workouts are time-based or lap-based. 

If you haven’t tried one of my workouts or programs before, this is the format of each BBG Zero Equipment workout.

Full Body Circuit (28 minutes): These are time-based workouts, and consist of three circuits, each targeting a different area of the body. Each circuit has four exercises, which you do for 30 seconds each, and you complete three laps of each circuit. There is a five-second transition between exercises and each circuit is completed in seven minutes. You rest for one minute between each circuit, and the session is completed with a superset finisher. Supersets consist of two exercises completed back-to-back, with little to no rest in between.

Full Body Bootcamp (28 minutes): These time-based sessions include three trisets (three exercises you complete consecutively without a rest), two supersets and a workout wrap-up. There is a one-minute rest between each of the trisets and the supersets. The wrap-up consists of every exercise already completed in the workout in succession — you do each exercise for 30 seconds, and there is a 30-second break in the middle so you can finish at a high intensity. 

Arms & Abs and Full Body Chair (28 minutes): These are rep-based workouts, with two circuits of four exercises each. Each circuit is repeated to create four seven-minute circuits.

Express Abs and Express Legs (12-13 minutes): These are time-based workouts. They consist of seven exercises — you do 30 seconds per exercise and a total of three laps for a 12-minute or 13-minute workout. You have a rest or transition between each exercise to allow time to swap from one exercise to the other.

BBG vs BBG Stronger

What is BBG?

BBG is a workout program designed to help women achieve their fitness goals with short workouts. All the BBG workouts are 28-minutes long, and there are two to three workouts each week. 

The program also includes three low-intensity cardio sessions, with the option to include high-intensity cardio from Week 6. 

The original BBG program was an eBook, with 12 weeks of resistance training and other educational content. This eBook was so popular that we built an app, which became the SWEAT app that you can use today!

There are now 92 weeks of BBG workouts available in SWEAT app. This includes eight BBG Beginner weeks to help anyone starting (or re-starting) their fitness journey build a base fitness to prepare for high-intensity exercise!

My gym-based BBG Stronger program is also available in the SWEAT app. 

When you use the app, you’ll find easy to follow instructions, timers and video demonstrations of each exercise.

The SWEAT app also contains optional workouts, challenges, recovery sessions and most importantly, the BBG Community forum where you can talk to women just like you from all over the world. 

There’s a planner to help you to schedule your workouts, the ability to store or share progress photos and nutrition recommendations as well.

How do the BBG circuits work?

If you’re new to BBG, you might be unsure how the circuits work, so here’s what to expect. 

In each 28-minute resistance workout, there are two circuits, and you’ll repeat each circuit twice. Each circuit has four exercises and lasts for seven minutes. 

The goal is to complete the exercises in order, as many times as you can for the seven minutes!

When the timer starts, you begin with the first exercise, completing the specified number of repetitions. You then move on to the next exercise and do the same thing. At the end of the seven minutes, you’ll have a 60-second rest before starting the next circuit! 

You’ll do each circuit twice, for a total of 28 minutes of exercise!

What do I need to do BBG at home?

BBG has been designed so it can be done at home, using minimal equipment.

For BBG Week 1–Week 24, you only need a few pieces of equipment:

  • Exercise mat
  • Chair
  • Skipping rope
  • Dumbbells 

These weeks of BBG have been specifically designed so they are suitable for working out in smaller spaces. All you need is the space for a mat!

If you don’t have all of this equipment, that’s okay! Lots of women who do BBG substitute household items for dumbbells — one option you could try is using empty milk cartons and filling them with sand or water.

If you don’t have a skipping rope, you can do high knees or jumping jacks instead.

If you don't have dumbbells, you can use household objects like empty milk cartons and fill them with water or sand.

Weeks 25 and onwards of BBG require some additional home gym equipment

BBG in the SWEAT app vs BBG eBook: which is better?  

Whether you use the BBG eBook or the SWEAT app is up to you. 

Both the guides and the app provide workout content and nutrition advice. However, the SWEAT app has additional features that can help you during your fitness journey — and it’s being updated all the time! 

In the SWEAT app you can now access 92 weeks of BBG workouts, with video demonstrations of the exercises and audio cues to motivate you to maximise your workouts. 

Can men do BBG workouts?

My BBG program is designed for women, but men are welcome to join in! I love hearing stories from BBG ladies whose husbands, boyfriends or brothers think they can smash out a BBG workout and then find it seriously difficult!

Men can follow the program, they just need to be mindful that their nutrition requirements may vary from the guidelines provided for women. 

Now you know more about BBG, let me explain how it differs from BBG Stronger!

BBG Stronger

BBG Stronger is for women who LOVE training in the gym or are looking to build confidence working out in the gym. It guides you on how to use gym equipment, like the Smith machine or leg press, in high-intensity 28-minute workouts.

BBG Stronger introduces you to working out with weights and gym equipment, using short video demonstrations and easy-to-follow instructions. You’ll build confidence using gym equipment, one machine at a time!

Like BBG, the workouts in BBG Stronger are 28-minutes long, with two seven-minute circuits that you repeat twice. 

There are also three LISS (Low-Intensity Steady State) cardio sessions, with the option to include a HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) cardio session after Week 6.

Here are a few questions the Community have asked about BBG Stronger:

How is BBG Stronger different to BBG and BBG Zero Equipment?

Many of the workouts and overall program are similar. The main difference is that BBG Stronger uses weights and some large gym equipment within the resistance workouts, while BBG uses a smaller range of equipment that you might have in a home gym. BBG Zero Equipment requires no equipment, using only bodyweight as resistance. 

My original BBG program has eight Beginner weeks, and BBG Zero Equipment has four Beginner weeks — these weeks will help you to build a fitness foundation. 

If you are new to exercise or starting again, I recommend starting out with the Beginner weeks of BBG or BBG Zero Equipment. You can then continue in either program or move on to BBG Stronger! 

Can I only do BBG Stronger in the gym?

Many of the workouts in BBG Stronger use machine-based gym equipment, so I recommend doing it at the gym to achieve the best results!

What equipment is used in BBG Stronger?

Gym equipment used in BBG Stronger includes:

  • Barbell
  • Deadball
  • Decline ab bench
  • Dual cable
  • Dumbbells
  • Kettlebell
  • Lat pulldown
  • Leg press
  • Medicine ball
  • Seated row
  • Skipping rope
  • Smith machine
  • Squat rack
  • Step

Make sure you follow the exercise instructions and video demonstrations in the SWEAT app to see how each piece of equipment should be used. 

I'm just starting BBG Stronger — what weight should I use?

You should train with a weight that challenges you, but isn’t too heavy. I recommend finding a weight that feels around a 7 out of 10 in difficulty — the last few reps should feel difficult but not impossible. 

If you aren’t sure, start with a lighter weight and increase it gradually until you reach the right level of difficulty. 

Remember to keep your form in check when lifting weights, to avoid the risk of injury. Use the exercise instructions and video demonstrations in the app as a guide. 

Is BBG Stronger a 12-week program like BBG 1.0? 

BBG Stronger has four Beginner weeks to get you used to training with gym equipment. Once you complete this section, there are four 12-week programs that you can use to build your strength in the gym! 

This means that there are 52 weeks in total of BBG Stronger — you can follow the program for a full year.

Is there an eBook for BBG Zero Equipment, BBG Stronger or BBG Beginner? 

I have had a few BBG ladies reach out to me to ask if there is an eBook for BBG Zero Equipment, BBG Stronger or the BBG Beginner weeks. 

While there are four Beginner weeks included in the BBG 1.0 eBook, the full Beginner program, BBG Zero Equipment and BBG Stronger are only available in the SWEAT app. 

Can I mix up BBG Zero Equipment, BBG and BBG Stronger workouts?

If you are using the SWEAT app, you can do workouts from different programs! For instance, if you are doing BBG Zero Equipment and want to try a BBG Stronger workout, you can choose one in the “Other Programs” section of the app. 

Just be mindful that you are not doubling up on body parts if you are doing workouts from different programs. For example, if you want to strengthen your arms, you may decide to replace a BBG arm workout with an arm workout from BBG Stronger.  

BBG programs overview

Each BBG program has optional workouts that can be completed in addition to the number of weekly workouts listed below.

BBG Programs Overview

Try one of my BBG programs today!

I hope you have some insight into which BBG program you’d like to try!

Whichever program you go with, if you haven’t exercised for a while, I recommend starting with the four BBG Zero Equipment Beginner weeks, which will help you to build a foundation of fitness. You can also try the eight BBG Beginner weeks, and from there transition to BBG or BBG Stronger workouts.

To get started with BBG Zero Equipment, BBG or BBG Stronger, download the SWEAT app

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.

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