Skipping Rope Workout!

Skipping Rope Workout!

Skipping Rope Workout!

Skipping rope kayla itsines

Did you know that you can do so much more with a skipping rope than just skip? Using a weighted rope can help to tone your entire body and adds an extra level of intensity to your workout. I love using my rope as a workout accessory so that I can incorporate other exercises - not just skipping!

I’ve just released my brand new weighted skipping rope, however the weights are removable so you can use it for speed skipping as well! You can also make it shorter so it is the perfect length for you.

Here is one of my favourite skipping rope workouts that I use when I really want to get my heart racing. I would love to see you girls try it! Remember to tag me on social media with #KaylaItsines :)


Sweat With Kayla


Love, Kayla xx

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