"I Don't Want to be Bulky"

"I Don't Want to be Bulky"

 Many women are misguided on how to best workout for a lean and feminine physique. This results in the fear of using weights altogether, to avoid becoming “bulky,” which is not healthy! We need strong muscles to support our bodies, and of course increase our fat burning potential. So how can we increase muscle strength, without increasing muscle size? 

Erase what you have previously thought about resistance training, and embrace a new way of thinking, and of course, exercising. Here is a secret for one of the BEST ways to train and achieve the lean bikini body you want!


Sweat with Kayla

Take a deep breath, and walk towards the weights area. Since the main goal is to get lean and strong, you have to use resistance training, aka lift some weights in some fashion. But, never fear! You are going to lift the right way, and with the proper technique to help you gain lean muscles and boost your confidence.

High intensity circuit training mixed with plyometric training aka "jump training", is one of the best ways to achieve this. With this style of exercise, you are pushing your muscles to the max, and using MORE of the muscle fibers.  These exercises will allow you to lift heavier weight, and increase your fat burning potential, but will not change the size of your muscle. So basically you will become stronger, and smaller. #bikinibody

That's why in just 28 minutes of exercise, you can burn so much more fat, than if you spent hours at the gym. It is all about efficiency! Take a peek at my video below to see examples plyometric training. 

Kayla x

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.