The Best Coffee Substitutes

The Best Coffee Substitutes

best coffee substitutes

Coffee can sometimes be the difference between you acting like a zombie for the rest of the day or perking up and actually getting life done! However, I know for a lot of people (me included) they can’t have coffee too often because they are either sensitive to caffeine and/or milk. Having a cup of coffee a day is not going to hurt you, however if you are one of those people that are chugging down multiple cups a day, you may want to look for healthier alternatives!

Here are some of my favourite coffee substitutes:

Green Tea
This is one of my absolute favourite alternatives to coffee because it perks me right up! Green tea still contains caffeine, but a lot less than coffee does. It is also packed with great health benefits such as powerful antioxidants that may even help to speed your metabolism up!

Licorice Tea
Licorice tea contains no caffeine but it does support your adrenal glands, which are organs that respond to stress. It can help to give you energy and calm you. All round it is a great herbal tea. Don’t worry, it doesn’t taste as strong as the black licorice you stayed away from as a kid!

Fibre Filled Smoothies
This is one for all you girls that feel a crash coming on at 3pm each day. This crash more than likely occurs because your blood sugar levels have dropped and your body's searching for a quick fix. Try whip up a protein filled smoothie using nut butters and greek yoghurt to help give you a burst of energy!


Ginger Tea
The taste of this tea can be quite strong, but it really does wake you up! Ginger can be great for digestion, which is great if you are one of those people that constantly deals with an upset stomach and can’t drink coffee because it makes you feel sick. You can buy it in tea bag form or, alternatively, you can brew some hot water and infuse fresh ginger and lemon into it.

Carob Powder
If you enjoy the creamy taste of coffee or hot chocolate), you could try carob powder as an alternative! This powder is similar to cocoa (but less bitter) and you can enjoy it mixed with warm milk and some honey for added sweetness. This can help to fill that coffee void and also prevent you from experiencing that dreaded sugar crash later in the day!

As you can see the above substitutes vary in flavour, texture and properties. They are all great coffee substitutes depending on what you are feeling like that day! What are some of your favourite coffee substitutes?

Love, Kayla xx

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