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What Is BBG?

What Is BBG?
What Is BBG?

Lots of women might have heard of BBG and the BBG Community, but you might not know what BBG is and how it all started. 

It’s hard to believe that BBG has been around since 2014! During that time the community has grown and I’m so proud of how the BBG Community support and uplift each other. 

Here’s the background on how BBG started and what it actually is, and answers to some of the top questions I get about BBG!

Find out: 

What is BBG?

BBG is a workout program that can be done at home.

It uses minimal equipment and has been designed to help women achieve their fitness goals with short, effective workouts.

All the BBG workouts are 28-minutes long, and there are two to three workouts to complete each week.

The program also includes three low-intensity cardio sessions, with the option to include high-intensity cardio from Week 6. 

The original BBG program was an eBook, with 12 weeks of resistance training and other educational content. This eBook was so popular that we built an app, which became the SWEAT app that you can use today!

There are now 92 weeks of BBG workouts available in SWEAT app. This includes eight BBG Beginner weeks to help anyone starting (or re-starting) their fitness journey build a base fitness to prepare for high-intensity exercise!

My gym-based BBG Stronger program is also available in the SWEAT app. 

When you use the app, you’ll find easy to follow instructions, timers and video demonstrations of each exercise.

The SWEAT app also contains optional workouts, challenges, recovery sessions and most importantly, the BBG Community forum where you can talk to women just like you from all over the world. 

There’s a planner to help you to schedule your workouts, the ability to store or share progress photos and nutrition recommendations as well. 

What does BBG mean?

BBG stands for “Bikini Body Guide”, which was created in 2014. 

I want all women to recognise that a bikini body is every type of body.  

Through my BBG programs, I want every woman to feel strong from within, to put their own health first and develop the inner confidence that comes with showing up for yourself.  

Anyone who has done a BBG workout will agree that it is not easy!

I’ve seen so many women who train with me start to become stronger as they commit to regular exercise. As they become stronger, their confidence increases. I want every woman in the world to be able to experience this type of transformation!

What are BBG workouts? 

BBG workouts are 28-minute resistance sessions that use bodyweight exercises, plyometrics (jump training) and strength-building exercises, in two high-intensity circuits. 

The circuits are seven minutes long and feature three or four exercises. The goal is to complete as many rounds of the exercises as you can in seven minutes! For a 28-minute workout, you’ll complete each circuit twice. 

Is BBG suitable for beginners?

BBG workouts are high-intensity, and this means that they are challenging!

For women new to high-intensity training,  you can start with the eight-week BBG Beginner program in the SWEAT app, to build the base fitness that you’ll need to start BBG

During BBG Beginner, you will do exercises to build strength to prepare you for BBG. The first four weeks focus on building a fitness base, and there are no jumping exercises. Once you’ve established that base strength, jumping exercises are introduced after Week 4 to prepare you for BBG. 

For the first six weeks of BBG Beginner there are two resistance workouts each week (there is an optional extra one if you want more!), and a third workout is added in Week 7. This means that the exercise program only gets harder as you get fitter and stronger. 

To find BBG Beginner in the SWEAT app, go to settings and select “Manage My Program”. Here you can choose ‘BBG Beginner Week 1’ from the menu.

Can I do BBG at home? 

The great thing about BBG is you can do it anywhere! The BBG workouts require minimal equipment — this means you can do them at home, outdoors or even while travelling. 

Of course, you can do BBG in the gym as well!

Equipment you need to begin BBG

BBG uses minimal equipment

For BBG Beginner, you’ll need:

  • Recovery band
  • Resistance band
  • Yoga mat
  • Dumbbell(s)
  • Chair
  • Foam roller (Recovery)
BBG weeks 1–24 have been specifically designed for home workouts, in small spaces. The equipment required is minimal — you only need:
  • Exercise mat
  • Chair
  • Skipping rope
  • Dumbbells 

Don’t worry if you don’t have all the equipment. You can make do with equipment substitutions, using household items to replace dumbbells or an old towel instead of a yoga mat!

Can I do BBG post-pregnancy? 

If you want to start exercising safely after pregnancy, you can try my Post-Pregnancy program which is endorsed by a panel of leading obstetricians and exercise physiologists. You will need to have clearance from your doctor before you begin.

You can find my Post-Pregnancy program in the SWEAT app.

What are BBG transformations? 

You might have already seen some amazing BBG transformations on my social media or blog. These are real-life stories of women who have followed my BBG program and are feeling fitter, stronger and more confident as a result. 

I love to share these stories because they remind us all that everyone has their own journey and while we all have different goals, wanting to feel strong and confident is something we all have in common. 

Is BBG available in other languages?  

Yes! BBG is available in seven languages other than English in the SWEAT app, including German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and Chinese.

What is the BBG Community? 

The BBG Community was created by women who were using the BBG Program and wanted to support each other on their journey. 

These women are from all over the world — with different backgrounds and ages, as well as varying fitness levels — and use my programs as a way to connect. They motivate and support each other through every week, it is incredibly inspiring!

Their hard work, dedication and sweat motivates ME to continue helping women to feel fitter, stronger and more confident through fitness. I also look to the community for feedback, so that I can provide you with tools to help you throughout your fitness journey. 

I know many BBG ladies tell me the community was a huge motivation during their journey. It can be a great way to stay accountable to yourself, especially if you’ve tried to follow an exercise program before and have given up a few times. 

It can be daunting to start exercising (especially if you have never done it before) and finding the motivation to keep going can be really challenging. One of the things I love about the ladies in this community is that they are SO helpful. 

Whether that be sharing healthy recipes, exercise modifications or simply sending a word of encouragement when you need it the most — you can always rely on the community to be there for you.

Ready to start BBG?

Whether you are just beginning your fitness journey or you’ve been exercising for a while, you can use my BBG programs to become fitter, stronger and more confident!

The workouts are only 28-minutes, so it’s easier to make time for exercise when you have busy lifestyle.

Now you know a bit about how BBG came about, I hope you’ll join me and the amazing BBG Community as we empower and encourage each other! 

What motivated you to start your fitness journey? Let me know in the comments!

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.

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