6 Gym Must Haves!

6 Gym Must Haves!


This is for the girls who are just beginning to train in a gym or are considering it. There are a number of things you MUST have with you at the gym for before, during and after your workout. Here are my top 6. 

1.      Hand Sanitiser

This is essential to use after your workout. You’ve been gripping sweaty, dirty, handles for most of your session. Although 'most' people are usually considerate enough to wipe down their machines after they finish using them, germs are easily spread (even if there are antibacterial wipes available!) if they aren't killed with disinfectant. 

2.      Dry shampoo

If your hair is a sweaty mess after your workout and you need to be somewhere, using some dry shampoo can be an absolute lifesaver!! It refreshes your hair and gets rid of that oily feeling. It's available from almost any chemist/drug store and supermarkets. You just spray it in and comb it through your hair. Easy. Feeling and looking good is possible after the gym! 

3.      Gym Shoes

So many girls underestimate how important it is to wear the correct gym shoes that are supportive and comfortable. If possible, try and dedicate one pair of shoes entirely to exercise only. Not wearing the right type or right quality of shoes can can have a huge impact on your training as well as potentially causing injuries. I personally prefer to wear to Asics. I specialise in plyometric training so Asics have the perfect amount of support for all that jumping and movement! 


Sweat with Kayla

4.      Music Player

Take an iPod filled with your favourite upbeat music. It will help to motivate you and keep you in the zone if it is filled with tracks you like. Keep it updated with the most recent upbeat tracks. Mine is filled with my favourite hip-hop and house songs! Just don’t make the horrible mistake of leaving your headphones at home...I did this yesterday! 

5.      Face wipes or Mini Cleanser

It is no secret you get sweaty after a workout, and although that may be satisfying take a moment to think about your skin, especially your face! Sweat can trap dirt and other nasties in your pores, so make sure you wipe over your face when you are done working out to prevent any breakouts.

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6. Snack 

Take a snack with you for after your workout. I usually take something easy to pack in a container and eat on-the-go, like strawberries or grapes. For an extra boost of energy have a handful of almonds! 

Kayla xx

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