My Top 4 Tips To Keep Yourself Motivated!

My Top 4 Tips To Keep Yourself Motivated!

Do you struggle to get yourself up to workout some mornings? We have ALL been there. It’s really easy to lose motivation and forget what you are working so hard for. Luckily, I have 4 awesome tips to help keep YOU on track and most importantly, keep the results coming. 


Whatever your fitness goal is or even a favourite motivational quote, write it down or print it out. Put it everywhere you will see it. Great places are a bathroom mirror, fridge door, pantry door or even on your computer screen! It will be a reminder to yourself to keep going and not to give up when you feel like quitting. I have heaps of these on my Instagram, feel free to steal one.


When you are looking at yourself in the mirror every day, it’s so hard to notice any changes. Progress photos are a must for not only self-motivation, but for keeping track of actual progress. Some changes may not be visible on the scales but may be VERY visible in the mirror. Without visible progress, it is really easy to lose motivation. Your mind will always play tricks on you, so the most honest way to keep track is via "selfies". The guidelines for progress photos can be found in my guides. It is hugely important that you keep the photos very consistent. 


One of best ways to make sure you stick to your workouts is to train with a friend. You can motivate each other. Training with a friend can work really well, particularly when you don’t feel like training at all. Your buddy will push you to get up and workout with them anyway. Just make sure you train with someone who is as committed to their fitness goals as you are – choose your buddy well!


The results WILL come, be patient. Don't get upset because you haven't got the best body in the world after just a few days! If you are doing things the right way, you're working for it and you keep pushing, your results can be amazing. BUT, you can't rush it, so don't cut your calories or train for extra hours each day. Do what you know you need to, work it hard and eat well. Be patient and I promise you will thank me when you get there. 

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