How to Keep Fit & Active in the Winter Months

How to Keep Fit & Active in the Winter Months

These tips are for girls in places around the world which are leading into the winter months. It's Spring here in Australia but I found these really helped my clients get over the "winter blues" and continue to train hard!  It's only natural that we feel less motivated in winter because of the dark, wet and cold days. However, if you change your mindset and learn to love Winter and what it can do for your workouts - you won’t find them such a chore! 

Get Outside! 

Outdoor exercise can pump up your energy levels, decrease frustration, tension and depression. Working out in the heat and humidity can drag you down by tiring you faster but cold weather can be invigorating!

Most people shy away from working out outside in winter because of the weather, but as long as you have the proper attire and its not pouring down with rain (or snow!) you will be okay. Your body has to work harder in the cold; this causes a boost in your endorphin production leading to a happier mind! It's a win-win. 

Take Up a Winter Sport

Winter sports can be really fun, you get to do stuff you wouldn’t normally be able to in summertime heat. 

If you live somewhere where it snows try snowboarding, skiing or any other form of snow sport. They are fun and burn TONS of energy! 

Not only are sports a great way to burn calories they are also good for meeting new people and being social. It can be tempting to wrap ourselves up in a cocoon and stay in bed all winter, but being social will boost your mood and make you happier.

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Be Prepared 

If you have your clothes and equipment in your boot or in your bag, you will be less likely to use the excuse “oh I have to head home”. We all know once we get into that warm room and toasty bed we aren’t going anywhere!

You can also focus on the intensity of your workouts rather than the duration. This way you will double the sweat but have it over and done with in half the time - bonus! Planned a coffee date with your friends? Get your hot drinks to-go. Instead of sitting inside the cafe, rug up and enjoy a fast paced stroll and a chat! 

Brighten It Up!

Just because winter is cold and dreary doesn’t mean your wardrobe needs to be! Spoil yourself and invest in some printed active wear in bright fluro colours. I feel like in winter it makes a massive difference to have a bright, happy workout wardrobe because it boosts your mood and adds extra incentive to go out and be active.

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