8 Signs You Know You Are A BBG Girl!

8 Signs You Know You Are A BBG Girl!

Happy Holidays, girls! Here is a cheerful post to hopefully make you laugh. If you have ever completed one of my workouts, some, if not all of these would have crossed your mind at least once!

1. 7 minutes never seemed like a long time, until you started my Bikini Body Training Guides. Now it may as well be an eternity! 

2. Every time you see the word "burpee" or "tuck jump", you simultaneously want to cry and also curse everything in sight.

3. You have re-used a sports bra at least once. Let's be honest, working out almost daily takes its toll on the wardrobe. Ain't nobody got time for that! 

4. You know every Tuesday is going to be a bad one. Not because there is still 4 days until the weekend, but because Monday was leg day.

5. If the 7 minutes was the longest of your life, then the 30 second rest may as well not have happened...that's how quick it went.

Sweat with Kayla



6. Feeling compelled to write a Facebook status, tweet and send a letter to parliament when you can finally make it through the circuit more than once AND complete the required amount of reps.

7. Seeing a fellow BBTG girl completing the guide in the gym and wanting to go over and high five that sister! Someone finally understands your pain.

8. Stopping your workout as soon as your phone dies, we all know no music means no workout. 



Kayla xx

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