Post Christmas Health Boost & New Year's Resolutions

Post Christmas Health Boost & New Year's Resolutions

The joys of this time of year are countless - from family, food, friends, presents and good times. I am sure each one of us has over indulged a little, even if the food was healthy! It can be hard to say no to snacks being offered and second helpings, especially when food is literally surrounding you. Now that the silly season is over and you're feeling more stuffed than Santa Claus, here are a few things you can do to kick start your healthy 2015 and depuff a little.

1. Water
During this time water is your BEST friend. If you have been drinking alcohol or filling up on soft drinks and juices, your body is probably feeling very bloated and dehydrated. Drinking water will help to cleanse your body, rehydrate it and make you feel more energetic. Don’t put it off, drink a large glass of water every few hours and before each of your main meals and see the difference it makes!

2. Eat Protein
You have probably been filling up on foods that are full of protein. If your body is lacking protein, you may find that you are less satisfied between meals and more likely to crave sugary foods and drinks - and you’ve probably had more than enough of those already! Add chicken breast, fish, eggs and beans into as many meals as you can. This will help to keep you feeling MUCH fuller for longer and curb those pesky cravings!

3. Start Cutting Back Slolwly
You might have been on an all time high devouring cookies, refined carbs and chocolates as if they were going out of season. It’s time to cut back and slowly get back into your healthy habits - and I emphasise the word ‘slowly’. Let’s be realistic, you aren’t going to go from eating what you want, when you want, to suddenly munching down on salads every meal. Take it slow and start introducing small things like cutting out soft drinks and alcohol, swapping white carbs to complex carbs and eating healthy snacks instead of junk. Focus on incorporating more protein and high fibre foods because they will give you the satisfaction of feeling full without overloading on calories.

4. Swap for Veggies
If you have been eating simple carbs with every meal you probably end up hungry and irritable if you don’t keep on eating. It can be so easy to go from having one bread roll with dinner to two or three. Try to swap your simple carbs for veggies that are high in fibre. These will keep you feeling fuller for longer and give your body the nutrients it is probably craving. If you usually have bread with breakfast try to make an omelette filled with veggies instead. I assure you it will be both tasty AND filling!

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So now you know how to make yourself feel a little better after the Christmas season, you are probably making your New Year’s Resolutions. The hardest part about making resolutions is actually KEEPING them. If you want to have the best year you need to be as prepared as possible to make your resolutions stick. Here are some tips on how to keep your resolutions:

1. Be Specific
Don’t set vague goals such as “I’ll be healthy” or “I’ll save money”. This makes it harder to achieve because they do not have a measurable outcome. As an example, it is better to write down exactly how much it is you want to save and by what time or decide that you will eat 2 more serves of veggies a day and quit soft drinks to be healthier.

2. Write It Down
Don’t just think about your resolution in your head. Physically write it down and take it further by writing down the steps you are going to take to achieve it. A fun idea is to buy a pinboard and write down your goals on colourful cards and display them. This way you will have a daily reminder to wake up to.

3. Get In The Right Mindset

Don’t stop your progress before it has even begun by doubting yourself or saying you have already ‘broken’ your resolution. If your aim is to be healthier or to lose weight, slipping up and eating one slice of cake does not mean it is game over for the rest of the year. Mistakes happen and you can easily get back on track. Confidence is the key. Tell yourself you CAN do it, and you ARE good enough and you will soon start to believe it.

I hope you have a happy and safe New Year’s girls, bring on 2015!!


* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.