8 Awkward Gym Moments Every Girl Has

8 Awkward Gym Moments Every Girl Has


Whether you are completing my Bikini Body Training Guides or not, I am sure most of us would have experienced at least one of these awkward gym moments!

1. When your ponytail keeps falling out on the treadmill or during a group fitness class.

2. Getting water everywhere after trying to single handedly open your drink bottle whilst running on the treadmill. Then trying to pretend like nothing happened and also concentrating on not slipping off.


3. Farting in your yoga class. Nobody wants to be that girl. Kudos to you if you went back! 


4.  Rocking up to the gym in your hot new tank top, then realising you forgot to shave your armpits.


 Sweat with Kayla

5. Feeling proud of yourself for making it to the gym in time after work. Getting changed then realising you forgot your sneakers and having to make the walk of shame out - in heels.


6. Picking the heavy weight in a group class because the girl next to you did. Then having to take it back 2 minutes in because this woman must be superhuman. 


7. Forgetting you are wearing your bright pink polka dot granny underwear and everyone can see them through your tights.


8.Grooving out to that really embarrassing song (cough, cough S Club 7) not realising everyone else can hear it too.

What was your most embarrassing or awkward gym moment? Comment below!


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