7 Signs Your Fitness is Improving During the 12-Week Challenge

7 Signs Your Fitness is Improving During the 12-Week Challenge

7 Signs Your Fitness is Improving During the 12-Week Challenge

Throughout your fitness journey, it’s possible you will hit a point where you begin to wonder when the results will be visible. I know it might be tempting to give up, but please don’t! Although it may not be visible straight away, you ARE making progress. Trust me, there are plenty of signs that your hard work is paying off. Here are 7 clues to look for:

You feel mentally alert during the day
A great sign that your fitness might be improving is increased alertness during the day. Rather than feeling worn out, you might find you feel much sharper than before and ‘brain fog’ isn’t slowing you down. Noticing an improvement in your problem-solving skills or organisation is a good sign your brain is may also be feeling a little fitter!

Your clothes fit differently
After a few weeks of working out, you might begin to notice a change in the way your clothes fit. Maybe the waist of your favourite pair of jeans feels looser, or that shirt that used to gape a tiny bit now looks as though it was made for you. On the other hand, if you’re noticing some clothes are getting firmer (particularly around your arms or thighs), relax. It can be a sign of developing a bit of lean muscle as a result of those workouts.

Your friends have noticed changes
If friends or colleagues have started asking “Have you been working out?”, it can be a great sign you are showing progress. Maybe you’ve got that healthy glow going on, maybe your friends noticed an improvement in your posture or you have more energy than before. Whatever it is, it’s almost certainly a positive change.
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You are more energetic
As your fitness improves, generally your body can begin to function at a higher level as well. This means it may be able to do things like providing energy to your cells more efficiently. Many people also find they sleep better at night, helping them to feel well rested after waking up.

You crave healthier food
Finding it easier to resist sugary treats? It’s a side effect many people may notice as their fitness level improves. This may be partly because you want to fuel your body with healthier foods, but it can also be due to hormones that contribute to cravings. You might notice that you crave healthier foods, and healthier habits (such as regular exercise) can often trigger changes in your diet as well.

Your balance is better
With regular exercise, your muscles and joints can actually perform better. This can lead to better balance. It might be something small like finding you can stand longer without needing to shift weight on your feet, but it’s happening!

You’ve started to look forward to working out
People always seem surprised by this one! Not only do you feel good knowing you’re working towards reaching your goals, but exercise also provides an endorphin boost that can get addictive! You only have to read some feedback in the 12-Week Challenge forum to see some of the positive changes from other women doing the challenge.

Trust me, the hard work you are putting in during the 12-Week Challenge is definitely paying off. If you’ve noticed any of these changes, it’s can be a good indication that you are getting fitter and healthier. Keep going!

Love, Kayla xx

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.