Fun Things To Do On Your Rest Day

Fun Things To Do On Your Rest Day

Fun Things To Do On Your Rest Day

A healthy, active lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to be pushing yourself in the gym every day! In fact, rest and rehabilitation as just as crucial for wellness. Your muscles need time to recover and adapt, particularly in the early stages of a program like my BBG. I recommend allocating a one day a week where you take time off from intense workouts and do some things for yourself. Here are a couple of ideas for fun things you might like to do on your next “rest day”.

Get a massage

Just the thought of booking a massage helps me imagine being on a tropical holiday! Laying on the massage table is a good time to switch off your brain for a little while, even when the massage therapist is kneading out those sore spots! A remedial massage or sports massage can also really help you continue achieving your fitness goals. The physical manipulation of your muscles can help to release tension, as well as encourage good circulation and blood flow.

Do some yoga

When your body has been working hard, or if you have been stressed at work, you might notice signs of tension or muscle soreness. Yoga is a gentle way to stretch, which can ease tight muscles and increase your mobility. Yoga is also great for flexibility and is known to be gentle on your joints.

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Enjoy a little extra sleep

As well as helping your body to recover, getting extra sleep can help you to look and feel refreshed as well as give your skin a boost. Every once in awhile, I recommend having a day where you don’t set the alarm and let yourself sleep in. Often, when you are in a routine, your body may still wake up early, but having the luxury of extra time in bed can be a nice change. Of course, you’ll need to choose a day when your day isn’t jampacked with work, catch ups with friends, or other appointments! Always remember to listen to your body and get plenty of zzz’s if you’re feeling exhausted. Your body will thank you for it!

Have a soak

Remember how fun bubble baths were when you were a kid? A nice warm bath hasn’t lost any appeal, I’m sure of that! While you might not be as keen to break out the Mr Bubble anymore, try adding a few drops of lavender essential oil or two cups of epsom salts to your bath. A nice soothing bath can help encourage your muscles to relax, while a few drops of essential oil can offer aromatherapy benefits too.

To give your body the best chance to recover, it is really important that you regularly schedule in rest days. Nourish your muscles with gentle stretching and relaxation and you may notice you can perform better when it’s time to up the intensity again. These are a couple of my favourite ways to rest. What do you girls like to do on your rest day?

Love, Kayla xx

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