Make These Healthy Food Swaps For Your Skin

Make These Healthy Food Swaps For Your Skin

Make These Healthy Food Swaps For Your Skin

Ladies, I’m sure you know that your skin can be a window into your health. Glowing, clear skin can be a sign you’re taking care of yourself. Meanwhile, an unhealthy diet, long-term stress and poor sleep can all have negative effects on your skin. 

The key to healthy skin is finding a balance that works for your body, between nutrition, hydration, lifestyle and skin care. Nutrient-rich foods that nourish your body from the inside out can help your skin to look its absolute best.

These are a few simple food swaps you can make that can benefit your skin!

Swap: Coffee
For: Green tea
Why: Coffee contains caffeine, which is a diuretic. That can cause your body to lose water, which may lead to dehydration, leaving your skin without that plump, super-soft appearance. Swapping coffee for green tea or other herbal teas can reduce the amount of caffeine you’re taking in, while also helping to fight free radicals that can cause skin damage. Green tea also provides your body with polyphenols, which can enhance your skin’s ability to retain moisture, helping it to look plump and glowing. 

Swap: White potatoes
For: Sweet potatoes (the orange variety)
Why: Orange sweet potatoes can be a great skin booster, thanks to the beta carotene and vitamin C! Sweet potatoes and carrot may also help reduce your skin’s ageing. The active ingredient in many anti-ageing skin products is retinol, which is converted vitamin A, or beta carotene! Plus vitamin C can help stimulate the production of elastin and collagen, which can help to keep your skin firmer. Try making stuffed sweet potatoes with yummy ingredients like garlic, capsicum and beans to really amp up the benefits!

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Swap: Tomato sauce / ketchup 
For: Salsa, seasonings with herbs and spices
Why: One problem with many bottled sauces is they can be filled with sugar and preservatives, as well as artificial colours. These nasties can affect the health of your gut, which can stop it from efficiently drawing nutrients to provide to your body. Swap store bought sauces for homemade spice rubs or fresh salsa and you’ll soon notice the difference in your gut and skin!

Swap: Milk chocolate or white chocolate 
For: Dark chocolate with 70% cocoa content (or higher)
Why: While milk and white chocolate are made using cocoa solids, they also contain sugar, milk solids and cream. Dark chocolate, particularly 70% varieties, have more of the original cocoa present. Plus, many dark chocolate varieties also contain flavanols, which can help your body to fight cell damage and can promote healthy blood flow. Proper blood flow is important for your skin to remove toxins and to provide nutrients to the skin cells. 

Just remember to try and stick to small serves, dark chocolate still contains sugar. 

Remember ladies, your skin may not look its best if you’re not giving it the nutrients it needs! Making these simple swaps can help nourish your body and may help your skin to glow with good health!

Love, Kayla xx

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.