Ways a Workout Buddy Can Help You Complete the 12-Week Challenge

Ways a Workout Buddy Can Help You Complete the 12-Week Challenge

For many people, having a workout buddy can make a huge difference to achieving your fitness goals. If you struggle with motivation, here’s some simple reasons you should enlist the help of a workout buddy to get through the 12-Week Challenge!

You get your own cheer squad
Who doesn’t want someone to high five you when finishing that final set of reps? A workout buddy can be a real boost to your confidence, reinforcing a positive mindset. Support is so important on those days when you feel like giving up or skipping a workout. The BBG Community definitely help motivate me some days! You can also get some virtual support and motivation — drop by the dedicated 12 Week Challenge channel over at!

Workouts are less intimidating
Starting a new fitness routine can be daunting. Having a workout buddy can make you feel less vulnerable, especially if you’re starting at a new gym or in a new fitness class. It’s a ‘safety-in-numbers’ kind of thing!

They keep your form in check
Something to always be mindful of when exercising is your form. Completing an exercise incorrectly may cause you to hurt yourself. Your workout buddy can help to check if you are completing an exercise correctly. They might even be able to demonstrate the moves in a way that makes more sense.
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Workouts become more fun
Having someone to chat to and laugh with makes working out so much more fun. A bit of social interaction can be just the motivation you need to keep you turning up for each session. If you’re having fun, you might start to look forward to your workouts even more.

They push you to give more
Having a workout buddy with the right attitude can feel a little like having your own trainer. They can encourage you to keep working hard so that you can consistently achieve results, not just show up and do the bare minimum.

You might find a new workout you love
Chances are, your workout buddy has tried a workout that you haven’t. They can introduce you to new moves or exercise styles that you haven’t tried before. This is your chance to experiment with something new or find a brand new move that you love.

Another great way a workout buddy can help? Once the 12-Week Challenge is over, you’ve probably built such a great routine with them, you aren’t ready to give that up!

Love, Kayla xx

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