4 Reasons Why My Workouts Burn Fat Better

4 Reasons Why My Workouts Burn Fat Better

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There is no doubt about it; there are HEAPS of workouts out there promising results, however unlike some claims, there is no secret to losing weight. Yes, it won’t happen overnight, but there are certain ways you can train in order to maximise your results, and not have to spend hours at the gym all week. Here are four training styles I incorporate into my workout guide, all which have amazing benefits separately, but put together are explosive!


HIIT is short for High Intensity Interval Training. Essentially this is completed by doing short intervals of high intensity cardio (such as sprinting as fast as you possibly can), broken up with intervals of low intensity cardio (such as a walk or rest period). HIIT can increase the amount of calories you burn during your exercise session, improve your endurance and of course the amount of fat you burn! The best thing about HIIT is that you continue to burn fat even after your workout, called the “after burn” effect of HIIT training.


LISS stands for Low Intensity Steady State Cardio. LISS can be performed in many, many ways but the key is that you are going at a low intensity. I recommend power walking (6.0-6.4 kph) for about 45 minutes. The benefits of LISS are that it can help to boost your metabolism and burn a few extra calories. It is a great form of exercise on active rest days. The reason I recommend LISS is because in order to burn fat, your body requires oxygen. By training at a lower intensity, more oxygen is available to your body (as you aren’t puffed out) and this helps to burn fat better.


Resistance training doesn’t have to involve going to the gym or using weights. It can be accomplished using your own body weight, and plays an important role in strengthening your joints and bones, which prevents health problems later in life. Resistance training can help preserve muscle mass and reduce fat. As you build muscle mass your body burns calories, and it continues to do so even after you finish exercising. 


Plyometrics is also known as jump training and it is designed to increase muscular power and explosiveness. Generally, this style of training is used by athletes. However, I have found that incorporating it into my training repertoire means I can significantly increase the intensity without having to use a large amount of external resistance. This is a great tool. With this increase in intensity comes the same benefit you receive from HIIT training and EPOC (after burn stage). During this phase you are burning high amounts of fat.


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