Best Gluten-Free Grain Alternatives

Best Gluten-Free Grain Alternatives


Red and White QuinoaGluten-free grain alternatives are often super expensive, hard to find and can sometimes taste a little like cardboard (someone had to say it!). BUT maybe that's because you haven't tried the right kind of gluten-free ingredients? These are some of personal favourites for you to try next time you are whipping up a gluten-free treat! 


Not only is quinoa gluten free, it is the only vegetarian source of protein containing all the essential amino-acids - pretty awesome huh? It has a lovely nutty flavour and is a great source of fibre, phosphorus, magnesium and iron. It is one of my all time favourites! I use it in salads and to accompany meats. You can also used puffed quinoa in homemade bars and treats. Try boiling some quinoa in a low sodium vegetable stock for a tasty alternative to 2-minute noodles! 


Millet is a great source of protein, fibre, B vitamins and iron. It can be dry-roasted or cooked, similar to rice. You can also buy ground millet flour, which can be used to make gluten-free cakes, pancakes and breads.

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Don’t be fooled by its misleading name, buckwheat is not actually related to wheat but is actually both wheat and gluten FREE! It is high in fibre, manganese, magnesium, tryptophan and copper. You can use buckwheat in pancakes, bread, granola, porridge and bars. I love buckwheat pancakes - stay tuned for an amazing recipe! 

Uncooked Buckwheat 


Rice, whether its white or brown, black, long grain or short is ALWAYS gluten free. I prefer brown rice because it's a wholegrain and is a good carb. It doesn’t cause your blood sugar levels to rapidly rise and it keeps you feeling fuller for longer. 

Gluten-Free Weetbix

Unfortunately, I believe this product is only be available in Australia (sorry to my international girls!!). You can have gluten-free Weetbix as a yummy breakfast alternative for oats in the morning. Most large Australian supermarkets should stock them such as Coles and Woolworths but you can also purchase them on their website! 

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