Your New Morning Bestie: Protein

Your New Morning Bestie: Protein

Your New Morning Bestie: Protein

Protein is the #1 thing you should put into your body at the start of each day. Many women have the wrong idea about protein, and don’t give it the love it deserves. Thankfully, you are taking the first steps to accepting protein into your life in all its wonders! A few misconceptions about protein that seem to be floating around are the following:

Protein is going to put me into beast mode, and I’m going to wake up tomorrow as buff as a man!

Girls, do I look like a man?! Increasing the amount of protein you eat on a daily basis will give your muscles the proper nutrients to recover faster. When your body has an abundance of protein, it can then turn to fat cells for energy, and help you lose weight much faster. This can result in a more toned, leaner muscle, with less fat surrounding it.

If I eat too much protein, and don’t work out, it’s going to turn to FAT!

This is SO FALSE. Essentially, Protein molecules do not convert to fat cells.…Now, what CAN be converted to fat, is unused carbohydrates. So, when eating carbs not only should you make the right choices such as vegetables, fruits and grains, but you should make sure you are consuming a suitable amount for you.

All protein is the same, so I'll just have another serving of bacon please!

Unfortunately, all proteins are not created equal. While yes it can be beneficial to increase your intake of protein, you should choose one that also has other benefits along with it. Some quality protein sources worth mentioning of course are lean meats such as turkey, chicken and fish. You can also find quality protein in things other than meat such as whey powders, avocados, spinach, and more. Try to mix it up!

Now that we have that sorted, you have another tool in your arsenal to keep the fat burning. The smoothie below is everything delicious, energizing, and filling, to power you through your morning. Enjoy!

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*Side note: Not a fan of protein powders? Simply increasing your protein intake by a small amount at each meal, whether through meats, fish, or vegetarian based foods, may  help to improve your results. 

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* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.