Healthy Snack Recipes On-The-Go!

Healthy Snack Recipes On-The-Go!

Busy day ahead? Your body will need nutritious and energy-packed snacks to keep you going. It's not always easy to find the time to prep healthy snacks during your hectic work/school week - believe me, I understand! You want something tasty that only takes a few minutes to prepare, you can eat it with one hand and doesn't result in a sugar crash? I've got you covered. These are my top 4 healthy snacks to eat on-the-go. Enjoy! 

Peanut Butter Stuffed Apple Slices 

Cut an apple into slices (I prefer green apples) then spread with peanut butter and sandwich them like a cookie. Just don’t go overboard on the PB! You can even add some muesli and raisins. Delicious!  

Berry Smoothie

Blend: ½ cup almond milk. ½ cup greek yogurt, 1 cup frozen mixed berries, 1 tsp honey. If you have one of those travel mason jars with a straw, add some ice-cubes and enjoy it on the way to work or school. 


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 Nut Butter Boat

Have you seen my almond butter recipe? If not, you can see it HERE. Load some celery sticks up with nut butter and top with some raisins or even a few almonds for some crunch! SO easy to eat on-the-go. 

Cottage Style Fruit

This is super easy to whip up but you do need to keep it chilled until you are ready to eat it. Top ½ cup cottage cheese with ½ cup of your favourite fruit like bananas, mixed berries and pomegranate!


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