Healthy 'Nice' Cream Recipe

Healthy 'Nice' Cream Recipe

I have been obsessed with this stuff lately! It tastes SO delicious and I can't believe the main ingredient is a banana, it is a much healthier version of regular ice cream and you can create so many different varieties!

2 large ripe bananas
1 tbs shredded coconut
Nuts & cinnamon to top

Sweat with Kayla
1. Peel and chop your bananas into small pieces, then place into freezer bag and freeze overnight.
2. Place frozen banana pieces in a food processor or very powerful blender (I find the processor works the best).
3. Process until bananas look crumbly, then scrap down the sides and keep processing. Repeat this process until banana starts to look like soft serve ice cream, then add in the coconut. 
4. You can eat it straight away or put it in a container and back in the freezer, to have the same consistency as regular ice-cream. Serve with nuts!

You can add whatever you like to banana 'nice' cream such as nuts, peanut butter, cacao, cacao nibs and goji berries.

Kayla xx

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