Transformations To Get YOU Motivated!

Transformations To Get YOU Motivated!


This week I have two incredible transformations to share with you girls that will blow your minds! Both of these amazing ladies have put in SO much effort and I'm SO proud!!

bbg transformation

This is the lovely @laura_simons1 who sent me this email:

"Before starting Kayla's BBG Guides, I did a lot of cardio, but my diet was average. I would go for a 5km run almost every morning, and I loved it, I still do, but I wasn't seeing obvious results from cardio alone. I wasn't very confident about my body, although I never really hated it.. I just didn't feel strong and healthy, which lowered my self-esteem a bit. I decided to start using Kayla's exercise and nutrition guides because I have been following her for years, and I am so inspired by the transformations she posts. So I became really motivated to change my life like some of the other girls I have seen. I feel so much better for it now! I am confident, strong, healthy, and my energy levels have increased significantly.

I get up early every morning and actually look forward to working out now. It has become a huge part of my life that I never want to change. I want this lifestyle forever. I can honestly say that I have never been happier :) I have lost about 5kg, but my goal was not only to lose weight, but to become strong and healthy. To me, it's more about how I feel about myself than what I look like. Besides, I was never overweight to begin with. But I can definitely see the changes when looking back through old photos. Thank you so much Kayla! P.s, I'm your biggest fan :P"

You look incredible Laura! Your hard work has definitely paid off and I am SO happy to hear you feel strong and healthy. That's what it's all about! xx

Sweat with Kayla

 BBG transformation

This is the lovely @mys_fitlife who sent me this email: 

"During my first three years of college I thought that I ate pretty well and I just assumed that I was “big boned” and “naturally chubby”. I really thought that it was in my genes. But, I can tell you now that that is definitely not true! I pretty much ate whatever I wanted with a few “healthy” meals now and again and I would go to the gym every once and a while. I was living more of a 20/80 rule than an 80/20 lifestyle. I cared too much about going out and drinking and over-indulging in foods that weren’t good for my body.

Then, during the summer before my sophomore year of college I started going to the gym everyday. I had a personal trainer, I ate better and I felt amazing! However, I wasn’t seeing any results and I didn’t have a set plan for my workouts so eventually I stopped going and fell back into my old habits.

While I was abroad my junior year I was all about "carbe diem" and "no carb left behind" haha. And, honestly I had no idea how out of shape I had let myself get over time. My abroad experience was amazing and I wouldn't change a thing, but geez all that alcohol and pasta adds up! Once I truly realized how much my lifestyle choices were affecting my body, self-confidence and the way I lived my life I started considering trying BBG. I felt bad every time that I would cringe when I would see pictures of myself; I disliked that I had low levels of energy and I knew that these small signs helped me realize that that wasn’t the way that I wanted feel. I had followed Kayla for a while and I would regularly stalk BBG girls and their transformation pictures. I decided that I wanted to be one of them. I wanted to be part of the community and I decided to believe in myself. That was when I decided (while I was in Barcelona) to start doing Kayla’s Bikini Body Guides and eating clean.

 Now I've been doing the guides for 40 weeks (I only followed BBG, not the H.E.L.P guide)! I started at 145lbs and I now weigh anywhere between 123-125lbs depending on the day.

The guides gave a blueprint to stick to which helped me stay focused and build confidence in the gym. I loved that even when I was studying aboard or when I went on vacation, I could still do the workouts in the hotel or hostel room or the fitness center- really almost anywhere!  I have done the workouts in so many different countries! Don't get me wrong; it was very hard in the beginning and really, it still is hard some days when I lack motivation. But, when I have rough days, the BBG community provides me with the love and support I need. I have fallen in love with working out, eating well and overall living a more healthy and active lifestyle. I realized that I was worth it! My consistency and love for myself is really what brought me to where I am today and I am forever grateful that I found Kayla’s guides and that I decided to take the plunge.

Over time, I have realized that the changes from BBG were much more than just losing weight and toning up. I have way more self-confidence, BBG girlfriends that I never would have met, and I feel like it has affected every other aspect of my life. I have more confidence when looking for my first job, I am more productive and I have a way more positive outlook on life in general! I have learned to love myself for exactly who I am, who I was and who I have the potential to be! I always joke that I have never been happier to say that my bra size is smaller, haha, but I really do love every part of this journey. I don’t mean to sound cheesy and hyped up on green juice and kale, but I love life more than I could have ever imagined!

To anyone considering trying BBG, I say just go for it! Challenge yourself and you really just may realize that you made one of the best decisions of your life!"

 You look incredible @mys_fitlife! I am SOO happy to hear how much you love being a part of the BBG community and the confidence and happiness you have gained, you're amazing!

If you have a transformation you would like to share with me, please send it to!

Love, Kayla xx


* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.