Your BBG & Sweat With Kayla Motivation!

Your BBG & Sweat With Kayla Motivation!

This week I have some inspiring stories to share with you - both of these girls used my BBG workouts which can be found in my guides & app, and achieved INCREDIBLE results!

bbg results

This is the lovely Ceri who sent me this email:

“Before I started the BBG I had been in a serious relationship where I'd gone out a lot and ate a lot of bad things and piled on the weight. I had also broken my ankle a few years ago and it had only just completely healed. I enjoyed going out with my partner walking my dogs but I just wasn't going to the gym even though I was paying for the membership and all I wanted to do was eat rubbish food all the time.

I decided to change my lifestyle when i realised I was bursting out of all my clothes and the majority of my wardrobe didn't fit me. I can honestly say I hated my body and the way I looked and I had no confidence, most days I couldn't find anything to wear that fitted me, including my bra! Me and my partner sat down just after Christmas and both expressed to each other how we hated our bodies and really wanted to do something about it. I said I wanted to start the BBG program and he agreed to also get fit with me. I started the program at the start of January and I'm so glad I did.

I have gone down 5 belt holes on my belt and I've had to go out and buy some new tops and jeans as most of my clothes had started to be really baggy. I also feel so much more energised and I find more and more that I'm choosing the healthier option when eating out and at home I'm not buying the bad food and I'm enjoying eating healthy. I really enjoy working out and I have just managed to complete my first 5k run since breaking my ankle and in a faster time than I used to be able to run it.

I strictly followed the training guide and I tried to follow the food guide at strictly as I could but because of food allergies I had to make some changes. I found the meals I liked and stuck to them.

Thank you so much!


You look amazing Ceri! You should be so proud of yourself and how far you have come!! Xx

Sweat With Kayla

bbg results

This is the lovely Stephanie who sent me this email:


This was from December 3rd to February 7th!! I am about to wrap up Round 1!! Completing week 12 this week! I just want to say thank you so much for EVERYTHING. You are so wonderful and your workouts really work. This community is something you should be so incredibly proud of! I use your Sweat With Kayla app and love it!! It is so convenient and motivating. Thanks again for everything!! Can't wait to send you more as time goes by!

Xoxo @stephanie.marie.bbg”

Wow Stephanie! You look incredible and should be so proud of yourself - SO happy to hear you are loving being part of the community xx

If you want to share a transformation with me, please send it to

Love, Kayla xx

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.