Transformations for Motivation!

Transformations for Motivation!

Feeling low on motivation this week? These two amazing transformations will DEFINITELY push you to keep going!! Their hard work and dedication has certainly paid off and yours will too. 

This incredible transformation is by @sincerelyiva. When I asked her to share her story she said "I decided to change my lifestyle because I did not feel comfortable in my body anymore. I ate so much bad stuff, never cared about nutrition, stopped doing sport and slept a lot of time. But I was captivated by the girls who looked lean and strong all the time and decided "I want that, too". I really didn't know how to start - until I found Kayla. Even if you are at the other end of the world, you inspire so many girls out there! As I started the BBG I felt better very quickly inside and after some time, outside. It is such a good feeling to get so many compliments.. So thank you for everything Kayla"

Sweat with Kayla

@naturally.tess said she decided to change her lifestyle because she wanted to feel comfortable within her body, but mainly to feel healthy, energised and HAPPY!

In her email she wrote, "I had the motivation to start, I just needed the resources. I had always considered myself quite fit, but often I would compensate exercise by eating a lot of crap afterwards. This resulted in me gaining a fair bit of weight and feeling quite uncomfortable within myself, especially looking back at photos. Using the guide was amazing! Everyday I would wake up early, eager and energised for my workout and day ahead of me. Progressively over the 12 weeks, I have become so much more toned and lean and feel incredibly healthy which I can really notice (especially in my upper legs, tummy and arms)! Combined with eating clean, natural foods I feel totally renewed and ready for bigger challenges! I can't ever see myself turning back to my old lifestyle, this is my way of life and I absolutely love everyday of it!"

Well done, girls!! Thank you for sharing your transformations with me. 

Kayla x

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.