Results in ALL Shapes and Sizes!

Results in ALL Shapes and Sizes!

Another two AMAZING transformations to share with you all. I love receiving these!! These two incredible ladies are proof that regardless of your size or body shape, a healthy and balanced diet in conjunction with consistent Bikini Body Training WILL pay off! 

@noellelifestyles said that she decided to buy my Bikini Body Training Guide after following me on Instagram. In her email, she wrote "I went through years of extremely low calorie low carb diets followed by binge eating. I was in a bad habit of trying quick fix diets. After reading about this program and seeing all the results I was relieved to see that I just had to maintain and healthy lifestyle filled with whole foods and exercise! It has been so easy for me to stick to. The workouts have made me stronger physically and mentally. I have energy and motivation throughout the day and in all aspects of my life. I couldn't be more thankful and excited for the next 6 weeks as well as 2.0". 

Look at those abs!! I can't wait to see her results in another 6 weeks time. 

Sweat with Kayla

Amazing mother of two @joannafincham has just started Week 8 of my Bikini Body Training Guide! In her email, she said "I want to thank you for transforming my body into a shape I am proud of.  I am a 37 year old of mother of 2.  I gave birth to our youngest 9 months ago and found it difficult to shift problem areas.  I started to see results in week 2 of your program.  I found it challenging, but also rewarding as the exercises got just that little bit easier each week.  I have a new-found energy and feel more confident within myself.  I have struggled with an eating disorder for 20 years after being an elite gymnast in my early teens.  I was constantly trying to change my body into a shape I was happy with, but going about it the wrong way.  It goes to show that through exercise and a healthy eating plan full of nutritious foods, you can obtain your goal weight the healthy way.  I have lost 6 kilos so far and feel great!" 

Well done to both of these amazing women. I hope that by seeing these transformations, it inspires and motivates you to begin your own journey to healthier and happier YOU! 

Kayla xx 

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.