Small Steps - BIG Results!

Small Steps - BIG Results!

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@kiz489 I chose to feature these two lovely ladies in my transformation blog this week not only because of their INCREDIBLE results, but because they are a perfect example of why progress photo's are so important during your training!

Like Keira (above), you may feel like you've only achieved small changes. When in reality, you have achieved SO much more! Progress photo's are vital for motivation. When you are looking at yourself in the mirror every day, you aren't going to notice those changes. Looking back through your progress photo's and actually seeing your hard work paying off, can be the motivation boost you need to keep going! 

@kiz489 has just completed Week 8 of my Bikini Body Training Guide.

In her email, she wrote "I thought I had small changes but looking back on my photos I've notices how big they actually are! The most important change is my attitude. A few months back, I was going through a really "flat" spot were I was not motivated and had little drive to do anything, I was pretty down but had no reason to be. When I started your program I all of a sudden had goals to work towards and I am achieving them. So the biggest achievement isn't my fantastic bikini body I'm creating but my positive and healthy mindset." 

With AMAZING results like this at Week 8, I can't wait to see her at Week 12!

Sweat with Kayla


This is @myhealthtravels looking toned and healthy after completing Week 12 of my Bikini Body Training Guide

In her email to me, she said...

"To tell a person that over the next 3 months your life, self esteem, body image, moods will change drastically for the good is almost unbelievable - and it was unbelievable to me. I started following you, your girls and all the transformations on IG and I knew this was for me. I had struggled so many times before to stick to a fitness routine, or to even find one that would help my body the way I wanted. When I was younger I was always quite slim and trim, I was active and lucky enough to have a fast metabolism. As I got older those things changed. I was uneducated about what was healthy to eat and how much, what type of exercises to do and how often. My body started changing and so did my self esteem, confidence and my mind set. I felt defeated.

Now that my 12 weeks are over I have a healthier mindset towards my body - I treasure it and I want what's best for it. I have better self image and confidence, I am stronger, fitter, more toned and less jiggly and there is no better feeling than feeling empowered by your own mind and body! 

In the past 12 weeks my education about nutrition and physical well being has improved drastically and this has helped me to see all the small changes that add up. I have motivation to be better and best of all a happier mind! 100% the results of using Kayla's guides! Thank you for the huge change you have made in my life and all the other girls who are doing this together. I couldn't recommend it highly enough to anyone and everyone!"  

Well done, ladies. Thank you so much for sharing! 

Kayla  xx 

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.

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