Change your body in all places!

Change your body in all places!

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The reason why I have chosen these particular two transformations this month, (besides the fact that they are both amazing!) is because they show that EVERYONE has different areas of their body they want to improve or change. The moral of the story is that you cannot train and tone up a particular area of your body. Just remember that fat loss is different for every person and it can happen in different places and at different rates.





Sweat with Kayla

I get a lot of messages from girls asking how they can specifically tone up areas like their thighs or butt or arms etc. You need to know that it is NOT possible to "spot reduce". Meaning, if you want to tone up your abs, you will not be able to achieve this by just doing ab workouts. Although it may help you develop some strength, it will not make you lose more fat from this area. This is a scientifically proven fact.

However, losing fat overall is what can help you to appear more lean and toned. If you force try and force fat loss, you may just work your way into a stressful state and potentially set yourself up for failure.

The advice provided in my Nutrition HELP and Bikini Body Training Guide can help to create fat loss all over your body!

So, whether you are like @healthyxjessx who wanted lean and strong arms or @elliemariaevans1991 who wanted to feel less bloated, have tighter abs and just feel good about herself, the right advice can help you get there!

Well done, girls! You should be incredibly proud of your achievements so far. 

Love, Kayla x

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.

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