Hump day transformation inspiration!

Hump day transformation inspiration!

@lisaegraff transformation photoCheck out this amazing transformation from last month by @lisaegraff !!

Although there was absolutely nothing wrong with her body before, she didn't feel comfortable and confident which is the most important thing. It's not always about your look, it's about how you FEEL.  Even though she was always active, playing basketball and working out through high school, she still struggled to see the change in her body she wanted. 

Here are the results after just 6 WEEKS using my Bikini Body Guide!! She says "it may be insignificant to you, but it is HUGE to me - thank you so much". " I think she has done an incredible job. It is important to remember its not always about the physical transformation but also the emotional one. Look at that smile in the second photo! 

Sweat with Kayla

Congratulations Lisa!!  I am so proud of you.


Kayla x

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.