Transformation Tuesday

Transformation Tuesday

Transformation Tuesday

I love the motivational stories behind these two transformations! I am so proud of both of these girls for working SO hard to achieve these amazing results. The smile on @aylisamarie face says it all - confidence and happiness! 

Meet @aylisamarie! She said she never used  to have to worry about her weight and always ate whatever she wanted and never went to the gym.  

In her email she said, "When I got to college I slowly started gaining weight. All the drinking, fast food, late night snacks, and lack of exercise caught up to me and by the end of senior year I was 30 pounds heavier. I had always been insecure and not truly happy with myself but the end of senior year I was at my lowest. I was depressed and when most of my clothes didn't fit me anymore I felt even worse about myself. I developed an eating disorder thinking that would fix things but that obviously wasn't the answer and all it did was make things worse. After graduation I promised myself and my best friend that I would work on gaining confidence in myself. I had been following you for over a year and loved your positive attitude and how you truly care about women gaining confidence above anything else. So I bought your guide to transform myself from the inside out! It was challenging both physically and mentally and showed me how strong I truly am! I lost 17 pounds but most importantly I gained confidence, strength, and a love for health and fitness! Now working out isn't something I feel like I have to do but something I want to do! I've never felt happier or stronger than I do now!" 


Sweat with Kayla

This gorgeous girl would like to stay anonymous. As always, I completely respect that decision! She is however, happy for me to share her story!

In her email she said, "I am a full time student and I work part time. I used to go to yoga three times a week and run twice a week but I started getting really busy and didn't have time to for hour long classes (plus drive time) and I stopped running. I started putting on a little weight. I didn't think I was fat, but I just felt really uncomfortable in everything I wore. I came across your Instagram and liked that your workouts were something you could do at home for thirty minutes. I decided to go for it! The workouts were incredibly challenging for me, but I got a friend to join me and we kept each other on track. I was also always encouraged by your Instagram posts. They were always a good way to remind me and motivate me to work out. I ended up losing 9lbs over the 12 weeks and feel so much stronger than I've ever felt before! I plan to keep going and am looking forward to seeing continued progress!"

Well done, girls! Hard work certainly does pay off. Kayla  x 

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.