Must See Transformations!

Must See Transformations!

So excited to share these transformations with you!! All the way from Austria and France, these girls have worked SO hard and achieved amazing results. See for yourself... 


 This is @iris_groho from Austria. In her email to me, she said that she had her first baby in October 2013. After her pregnancy, she gained 23kg and was unhappy with her body. When her baby was three months old, she decided to eat cleaner and skip carbs in the evening. She lost weight but didn't feel any healthier.

She then came across my Instagram account and loved seeing the transformations. She said it was very hard for her at first because she was so unfit but she pushed herself and gradually built up her strength and endurance! She said that working out is now a part of her daily life - even if it means fitting in a training session while her baby is sleeping. 

Well done @iris_groho. You look incredible!! 

Sweat with Kayla


This is Cornelia from France. She told me that 12 years ago, she lost about 20kgs by following a very low calorie diet. She said that even after losing that weight, she still didn't feel confident. She continued to eat a restrictive diet but become extremely frustrated with not feeling as healthy as she wanted to. 

Cornelia then came across my Bikini Body Bundle and committed herself to it 100%. 

For the first time in her life, she is not dieting. She has re-introduced healthy fats, sugars and carbs into her diet. She said her skin and hair are looking so much healthier because of it! 

My favourite part of her email is this - "I have lost 8 kgs doing your 12 weeks program. I’m stronger, fitter and so more CONFIDENT in my own skin!" 

This makes me SO happy! Cornelia is starting my Bikini Body Training Guide 2.0 next week. I can't wait to see her results. 

Kayla x

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.