Awesome Transformation!

Awesome Transformation!

Another mind-blowing transformation to share with you!! This girl is proof that dedicating 12 weeks to a healthy eating plan and training hard DOES pay off. This isn't just a fad or "quick-fix" diet - this is a complete lifestyle change! Reward your body and it will reward YOU. 

This incredible lady is @linzixoxo. In her email to me she said, "I have always lived an active and generally healthy lifestyle but after spending 4 months traveling through Europe, the endless nights of drinking wine and eating too much pizza and bread caught up to me. Traveling around I wasn't focused on my health and was lucky to get a workout in once or twice a week. Both my bad eating habits and lack of exercise lead me to gain weight rather quickly leaving me in a body I wasn't happy about. After returning from Europe I realised I no longer fit into the pants I left behind, and something had to change. I purchased the BBG because of the fabulous transformations I have seen. And after 12 weeks the results are amazing! I'm so happy with the progress and can't wait to continue on my fitness journey. I also feel great! Not drinking alcohol, and eating foods that are good for my body has left me with a very positive mind set and I am no longer depressed! The guide is easy to follow and once you start seeing results it immediatly starts to uplift your mood! I'm excited to start phase two of the BBG and hope to see further results!"

Sweat with Kayla

Well done, gorgeous! I am so proud of you. Kayla xx 

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.