A HUGE shout-out to all the incredible, hardworking and dedicated mothers out there. I honestly don't know how they do it. Somehow, in-between taking care of their gorgeous children, working and running errands - they STILL manage to find the time to workout. If they can find time for a 28-minute workout, so can you! 

Week 1 - 14 

Meet @kim_fairley. Amazing mother of two! In her email she wrote, "I want to thank you, your 12 week guide is truly amazing. I first came across your Instagram when I was pregnant with my second daughter. I was shocked at all the before and afters and couldn't wait to start using your guide as soon as I had the ok from the doctors post baby. Having two little children I don't have much time to workout and I didn't really think I would get amazing results with only doing less than 30mins workouts but it really does work and I actually look forward do doing my workouts. Thank you!" 

Sweat with Kayla

This amazing mother of twins would like to stay anonymous - as always, I completely respect that decision. In her email, she said "I came across the guide on Instagram about 2 months after having twins. I knew I needed to start exercising but did not know what to do with two babies in tow (I swam and ran during my pregnancy). With this guide I knew I could do it at home and only needed thirty minutes! So I ordered it and began 3 months postpartum when I felt my body was ready. I could not believe how quickly my body began to change. And how quickly my confidence grew. I finished the first guide and felt so proud of myself! It was truly the first project I had fully completed in years! For the rest of the summer I ran and did HIIT as well as biking and some random workouts from the guide. When bbg 2.0 came out I jumped on buying it right away. I am now on week 20 and cannot believe I am still seeing results. To be honest I thought I would plateau, but it's like every workout is visible. I look so forward to the workouts, I sometimes want to do them 3 days in a row! The challenges are so fun too. I feel so much more disciplined, confident and strong. Thank you so much for creating something so real. Your passion truly shows and I am grateful!"

Well done to these two amazing ladies! Kayla  xx 

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.