Heartwarming Transformations

Heartwarming Transformations

I have some more amazing transformations to share with you girls! What I love best about receiving all these wonderful pictures are the stories that go behind them, it is so humbling to hear about all the different reasons girls want to change their lives. It goes to show that no matter what you are going through, you can always come become happier and healthier if you just put in the effort. 

This is the lovely @alexruthy91 in her email to me she wrote "I'm elated to finally be able to send this to you! I was dealing with a lot of personal issues this past summer, which made me eat unhealthy food and live an unhealthy lifestyle. I found your guide via Instagram and immediately was hooked. This marks the end of my 12th week and I'm so happy with my progress! I'm happier, have more energy, love eating healthy foods, and can finally say that I look forward to working out!! I can't wait to start BBTG 2.0 and send you another progress picture in 12 weeks :)"

Well done @alexruthy91, you are looking amazing! All your hard work is paying off and I am SO excited to receive your next transformation picture.

Sweat with Kayla

Meet the gorgeous @caitlyn_roux who has a inspiring story behind her transformation, in her email she wrote to me "So I have been struggling with bulimia since last year as I had a fear of picking up weight with what I ate. I also didn't eat any carbs and spent hours in the gym not getting anywhere. I thought taking the easy way out by throwing up my food was the best for me. Coming across your guide I now feel more healthier and don't feel bad when I eat carbs. It took time to come to where I was as I picked up weight due to eating normally again. Loosing weight was so important to me but I actually picked up more weight, and I feel better than ever. I just want to thank you for inspiring me, I couldn't wait to goto the gym to do your workouts, they made me feel so good about myself afterwards. Thank you Kayla, you have helped me so much. Keep inspiring girls worldwide."

Wow! Thankyou SO much for that beautiful email @caitlyn_roux. I am so happy that you are living a healthy life and feeling happy and confident in your own skin! You look amazing, well done!

Both of these girls have achieved incredible results in their own way, it just goes to show living a healthy lifestyle is not all about losing weight. It is about being happy and confident in your own skin, whatever that may mean to you!

Kayla xx

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.