Change Your Life & Become More Confident!

Change Your Life & Become More Confident!


Here are another two inspirational transformations from two girls who have put in the hard yards, and reaped the rewards. I always say the only way you will get the body you want is if you are willing to make the change. That means actively DOING something about it, don't be scared that you will be bad at it, don't be scared you will fail - just give it your best shot!

This is the lovely @britota in her email to me she wrote this "I have always been an athlete my entire life. Whether it was swimming, soccer, volleyball or water polo, I have always been active. However I've never had the body I wanted. I am now a junior in college, and for the last two years I was on scholarship to a school in New York playing division 1 water polo where we practiced 8 times a week of intense cross training and swimming on top of water polo drills. Even with all of that my body looked like the first photo. I transferred schools this past semester to University of Florida because I am pre-vet in school and I couldn't commit to the intense water polo schedule anymore to pursue my veterinarian dream. With my transfer I wanted to stay in shape, but without a sport or a team I didn't really know what to do. I had been following kayla on Instagram for a few months and decided with a new school I would try her program. And I'll tell you I have never felt better! Every workout kicks my butt and I'm so sore all the time, but I love it! They're fun and easy to incorporate into any schedule and I look forward to them every week! And the progress photos are definitely great motivation. I truly am my own motivation now! And I love it! Thank you so much for giving me that confidence! 

Thanks for the message @britota your results are absolutely amazing and I am so glad you have found your motivation and the body you have always wanted!! xx

Sweat with Kayla

This is the inspiring @wolfsam_i_am who sent me this sweet email, she said "I hope all is well. This e-mail is 12 weeks in the making, right now it is September 1st 2014 and I have made the pledge to make a change. Unfortunately in the past few months I have lost someone near and dear to my heart. With this has come a lot of sad thoughts along with a lot of unhealthy food. My energy is at an all time low and I other than work I don’t like to leave my already small New York apartment. But today I have decided to change all of that. Today I looked at myself in the mirror and hate what I see. I want to become a better person for MYSELF both inside and out. Today start’s my journey on your workout plan. I am not the best at writing a journal, so I will update you in 12 weeks.

 12 weeks later…..

 I have no other words to use but thank you. I know technically I did the work, I was the one waking up to do an early morning workout or pushing myself after work to get to the gym but without everything you have created, I could have never accomplished what I have.  I am 23 years old, 5’10 and was 165 pounds and yes, many would say that my body shape was fine how it was but I didn’t feel healthy. I now stand stronger than I ever have. I no longer slouch in photos or stick my butt back so parts of me can “appear” smaller, I stand tall and proud of my body. I am enjoying life a step at a time and you play crucial part in helping me get everything back on track. For once in my life, I don’t feel self-conscious about a shirt hugging me too tight because I’m confident and feel good about how I look. I did this for myself, no one else and I can’t say thank you enough for putting your time and energy into creating something that allowed me to get to that point. If you are ever in New York and need recommendations for healthy restaurants, please feel free to reach out! I have found a lot of them. 
You have helped me out so much in my life that I would want to help you out in any way I possibly could. I have not completely mastered your 1-12 week plan so I plan on going through it one more time before moving onto week 13-24. I will give you another update in 12 weeks :)"

Wow! What a touching email @wolfsam_I_am, I am SO glad to hear you are doing well and are enjoying life and feeling confident in your skin! You look amazing :)

These two girls are just more examples of what you can achieve when you are dedicated. Tough times put everything in our lives into perspective, and sometimes they show you what you may have been too afraid to see before. I am so proud of you girls!

Kayla xx


* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.