Jaw Dropping Transformations

Jaw Dropping Transformations

Here are two more amazing transformations I have to share with you. One of them is a full 24 WEEK BBTG 1.0 & 2.0 transformation!! These girls have put in serious effort and the results speak for themselves. 

This is @fithealthy_mum who has not only completed the first guide but the second as well! In her email to me this mother of two wrote "I’m a 28 year old Mother of 2 young children. I used the BBTG1 and BBTG2, but did not use the HELP plan as I became sick after my second child was born with horrible skin issues and found cutting out gluten and grains helped me immensely!! I eat a relaxed Paleo diet, which I know isn’t what the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating says, but I couldn’t go back living the way I was.. too self-conscious to leave the house! I always used the excuse that I could never find the time between running a household and working to exercise. I came from a pretty active and sport orientated childhood and always had an interest in health and fitness (I started a sport science degree at university). I always began exercise programs thinking I wouldn’t last a week.. your program was SO different, I saw changes within the first week which increased my motivation.The community on Instagram kept my motivation up – I made some fantastic friends who also use the BBTG program and have also had amazing results! As soon as the BBTG2.0 came out I purchased it straight away. I didn’t entirely hate my body but I was starting to feel uncomfortable and knew once summer came around I wouldn’t feel comfortable at all. I’m fitter and stronger than I’ve ever been before! I always put my families needs before mine & doing the BBTG was a way to do something for myself & feel much better and more confident about myself for doing it. I lost a total of 6.7kg now weighing 56.3kg and a total of 45.5cm. My clothes fit nicely now and I have even had to go out and buy a lot of new stuff that will fit me properly. This is the perfect program for me, someone that loves structure. As a mum it was something I needed. Being told what I needed to do, how often and when! I was always the one to sleep in til 8/9am, but I’m each morning now at 5:20am to fit the workouts in and get them done. I started  BBTG1.0 on 25/5/14 and have now completed Both BBTG1 and BBTG2 and I have just started back at Week 1 again. I’ve always struggled with upperbody strength, but love the way my arms look. My body looks better than I ever thought that it would look, and I’m looking forward to seeing more results in weeks/months/years to come. After completing the BBG program I now see things a lot differently. I’m happier, healthier and have changed my lifestyle dramatically.  I don’t drink, I don’t smoke and I look for all the natural alternatives for everything. My kids love to ‘exercise’ with me in my home gym and it’s important for me to be a great role model for them and be around to see them grown up"

WOW! Thankyou so much for this inspirational email @fithealthy_mum! Where do I begin! Not only are you an amazing mother of two but you have completed BOTH guides and are still going. You are a role model for all mums out there, you have proved that it is never too late to get the body you want, if you make the time. Well done, you have achieved so much and look fantastic!

 Sweat with Kayla

This is the lovely @burpees_and_bananas who sent me this email "Before I started the Bikini Body Training Guide I always felt tired and horrible. I got sick at least once a week, fell asleep in the middle of the day, was unmotivated to exercise, and felt really insecure about myself and my body. I found your Instagram account and slowly worked up the motivation to start your guide. Now I'm 7 weeks in and can't imagine ever going back to the way I was before. I haven't gotten sick in two months, I have loads of energy, and I feel so much more confident! Even though my body may not have changed drastically, my mindset, motivation, and confidence certainly did! Thank you SO MUCH for doing what you do! 

Thank you SO much for the lovely email @burpees_and_bananas, your results are incredible and you are only 7 weeks in! I can't wait to see what the next 5 weeks will bring. Well done! 

Kayla xx

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.