Transformation Tuesday To Motivate You!

Transformation Tuesday To Motivate You!

I'm back with yet again some AMAZING transformations! These girls both have completely different body shapes, yet have completed my guides and each achieved incredible results. I think they are a great example that anyone can do my guides! The most important thing is not to compare yourself to others, instead push and motivate yourself to achieve the goals YOU want. Be your own inspiration! 

This is @danhenniker, in her email to me she wrote "I have always been the bigger girl and had low self esteem. At school and around my bunch of friends. I had really bad eating habits. I would always get takeaway because it was the easier option. I would always go out for dinner and lunch and every time I would I would always get something bad like schnitzel and chips or something fried. As soon as I would get home from work I would binge eat. I would eat until dinner then eat dinner and then eat after dinner till I went to bed. I started noticing that my clothes were getting tighter and I would have to go for the next size in clothes. This started to stress me out. I was actually getting quiet depressed about it but couldn't get out of the rut and break my eating habits.  I would go to the gym nearly everyday but my bad eating habits made it impossible for me to lose weight. 

One day my sister showed me your instagram. I stalked it.. and stalked it hard. Haha you were such an inspiration and I thought yeah maybe I can do this. The transformations looked do able. ( I had always tried these fad diets and they would only last a couple of weeks and I would lose track) I thought about it a lot and chatted to my younger sister and we decided to do it together. We used each others motivation. It was possibly the best decision I have made by far.  I used the eating plan and the exercise plan. For something that only lasted 28 mins it sure did work me out... in fact made me dead. I felt so good after every single session. It was good breaking it up by cardio. After 4 weeks had passed I started to notice a change in my clothes. There were getting looser. A few weeks after that I noticed that I was starting to really tone and my body took shape. People started noticing it aswell which is massive motivation! My sister was also doing really well. About week 9 I got a little off track due to holidays but got right back on track. I took photos every 4 weeks and if I didnt I dont think I would have been as motivated. Although I only lost 6kgs (which is still pretty good) I lost loads of cm and my body was way more defined and toned. I felt great!!! Once I compared the 2 photos from the very start to the very end I nearly fell over! I couldnt believe how much my body had changed.  How 30min circuits and some cardio could do that. Its the best I have felt in a very long time. Im actually now confident in myself and my body! I would recommend this to anyone. Even the boys! Kayla's guide is amazing! Cant wait to start weeks 13-24. I have a holiday in hamilton island so my body will be ready and in shape! Thanks so much Kayla for changing my life and my confidence!"

Wow! Thankyou SO much for this amazing email @danhenniker, your results are absolutely incredible! I am so glad you have changed your bad eating habits and found happiness in exercise and healthy eating. You are an inspiration to girls worldwide and I cannot wait to see your next round of photos, I am so proud of you!

Sweat with Kayla

This is @fabnfitlinz and in her inspiring email she wrote to me "I came across your IG by chance, and after seeing so many girls' amazing transformations, I decided if they can do it, why can't I? I admit I was a little apprehensive at first because I hadn't seen any moms or women my age doing it (yet), but have since discovered TONS of lovely #bbgmoms. I had become very complacent and lazy with my body and eating habits after my daughter was born and needed to feel good in my skin again. I jumped right into it whole-heartedly and haven't looked back! I was amazed by the physical and mental results. I followed both the training guide and HELP guide and love both! Also, I am so full of energy! I used to take naps after work and now I work out while my daughter naps. :) I love eating clean because of how good it makes me feel. I have dropped one size in jeans and toned up immensely which was my goal. I feel strong and confident. I love being an example to my husband and daughter. In fact, my husband lost 20 pounds by eating what I eat and has started working out as well! It's been an amazing journey for so many reasons. :) Thank you so much!"

You look amazing @fabnfitlinz. Check out those abs! I am SO glad you have fallen in love with healthy eating and exercise and congratulations to your husband as well! Your hard work has definitely paid off and you are looking amazing.

The proof is in the pictures girls. You too can have an incredible transformation like one of these if you work hard and eat right.

Kayla xx



* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.