Transformations To Inspire

Transformations To Inspire


This is the gorgeous @andreabouw1 who sent me this lovely email - "I am 24 years old and before doing the program I felt exhausted all the time. Once starting BBG I started having more energy. I didn't necessarily use the nutrition guide but I adjusted my diet and started eating much healthier than I was before. I was getting down that I felt that it wasn't working until one day I realized that my jeans were no longer fitting me as snuggly as they used to. When I compared progress photos it was clear to me that in fact the program was working and I was seeing results that I liked. I have always tried working out but every time I lose motivation and quit. With this program it hasn't been hard for me to motivate myself to workout as I enjoy it and actually look forward to it now! I can't wait to see what results BBG 2.0 bring :)"

Wow! Your results are AMAZING @andreabouw1 you should be so proud of yourself for not giving up because your results speak for themselves - check out those abs! I'm so glad you are continuing on to the BBTG2.0 I can't wait to see more transformation pictures. xx

Sweat with Kayla

This is the lovely @jennyramsdenn who sent me this email "I went travelling around Australia last year and I did not keep up with my fitness at all. I lost all my muscle and put on a stone in weight, it really showed on my legs and I was no longer able to fit into my size 8 shorts and trousers and it was even a squeeze to fit into size 10 in some shops (English shops are one size down from Australian ones!), although I knew I was not overweight in any way I did lose some confidence and was not happy with my bikini body. I've always been extremely sporty so putting on even a bit of weight is noticeable for me. Once I got back to the UK and settled into University I was determined to get my muscle and strength back. I came across your instagram when I was in Australia and I was amazed by some of the transformations and knew it was what I wanted to do! If I'm honest I usually start programmes or weekly routines and I give up after a few weeks, they never really work for me and I don't feel like they make me improve, so I was really happy when I start the BBG because I actually FELT it work!! I started the BBG mid September and it is an absolutely amazing programme and so easy to fit around my degree! I can now do some exercises and circuits I would never have been able to do before. Not only did I lose the weight I put on when I was travelling I also gained muscle I have never had before and I can do workouts for longer and just feel so much stronger! I have told so many other girls to get this guide because it really is an incredible way to keep fit and see results if you put the effort in! I am so grateful to you for making these guides, you really are an inspiration to so many girls around the world! Thank you for making exercise so easy and enjoyable for me, I am definitely so much happier and I can't wait to see even more progress with your guides! Eternally grateful!"

Amazing results @jennyramsdenn!! Check out those abs! I am so glad you have stuck with my program and found it easy to work in around University and make it a sustainable part of your life. You should be really proud of yourself you look amazing and sound even more confident!

These two girls prove that you can do whatever you put your mind to, never be discouraged as you will notice results when you least expect to. Good job girls!

Love Kayla xx

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.