Transformation Tuesday To Motivate You

Transformation Tuesday To Motivate You

I have two more amazing transformations to share with you girls this week! These two girls have put in amazing effort and achieved incredible results. I am so proud of their hard work and dedication.

This is the lovely @julsbaby who sent me this email

“Prior to starting your guides I used to exercise nearly everyday spending hours in the gym and getting nowhere. I loved seeing all the transformations daily on your page and finally purchased both the nutrition guide and exercise guide. I started seeing results in 3 short weeks and got addicted- I still can't believe I only have to exercise for 28mins per day!!! The exercises push you to your limits and you end up a sweaty mess but you feel amazing after! I feel so much more confident in my clothes and feel so much healthier overall. Your words never left my mind 'you can do this'. I've had struggles, weight gain, really down times but your page and seeing transformations reminded me why I started in the first place. Thank you soooo much Kayla for giving me the confidence booster I've always looked for and for making me fitter than ever!!!”

Wow! You look amazing @julsbaby! All of your hard work has paid off - you are looking lean, strong and confident. Well done girl!

Sweat with Kayla

This is the lovely @emmadoolan who sent me this email

“I have always struggled with my body image, whilst always remaining quite fit and interested in health and fitness, there was a never-ending unhappiness with my body. Particularly the past year and a bit, I had undertaken isolated weight training, concentrating on a different body part each day. For awhile I saw results and was quite pleased with my performance, but I kept putting on more and more muscle mass, getting a bigger and bulkier build. My diet didn’t help either, (as I realised later) that my portions were way too big at the time. I started Kayla’s BBG 12 weeks ago now, and have never been so pleased with my results. I used the H.E.L.P meal plan here and there, but mainly used it as a guide for my portions and food types. The BBG exercise program is easily the hardest thing I have ever done, but the best thing at the same time. I’d rather squat 100kg than do 20 burpees, but I know that it would not have gotten me where I am now. Full of energy and motivation, confident for the upcoming summer but most of all I am finally happy with my body.

I would like to thank you Kayla for revolutionising women’s fitness, and giving myself, and all women, the opportunity to be happy with their bodies in a healthy way.”

Thank you SO much for your kind words @emmadoolan! Your transformation is amazing and I am so happy that you have found a program that works for you and you are finally happy and confident in your own skin - you should be very proud of yourself!

These two girls have put in a huge amount of effort and the results speak for themselves! Remember it may not always be easy, but if you trust in the process the results will come.

Kayla xx

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.