Get Motivated & Inspired!

Get Motivated & Inspired!

I have two more incredible transformations to share with you this week, these two ladies have changed their lives despite facing extremely challenging personal situations. They have both come out happier, more confident and looking amazing! 
This is the amazing @fit.mommy_of_3 who sent me this inspiring email:

"My life before starting your guide was crazy! I am married to a Fire Fighter and have three little ones. Our middle child was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2013 a week before our third child was born. Life took on a whole new level of hectic! I noticed I was so wrapped up in taking care of our children, I forgot to take care of my health. For about a year, some days I would eat nothing but junk and other days I would hardly eat because there was just no time in the day. I was following you on Instagram for a couple of months before I finally decided to purchase your guide in August 2014. I have no time for a gym so having the option to workout at home in a short amount of time drew me in! First picture October 6, 2014. next pic December 6, 2014. Now that our daughter is in remission and receiving less chemotherapy, we are able to enjoy life a little more. I needed to have energy again to keep up with my children. I can't be a positive example to them if I'm not showing them how to love and take care of themselves. I get a natural energy from following the guide and look forward to the next day! Ive always had issues losing the love handles but guide took care of that! Now my clothes fit great and I don't have to suck it in! I used The Bikini Body Training Guide religiously and occasionally followed the nutrition guide. I make smarter choices with my meals without having to follow every meal plan."

Thankyou SO much for your email @fit.mommy_of_3, your results are absolutely incredible! I find you so inspiring, leading such a busy life and dealing with all that you have - you should be VERY proud of yourself. I am glad you have taken time out to look after yourself as well as your kids, I wish you all the best!! xx
Sweat with Kayla

This is the amazing @tamaraucffe who sent me this lovely email:

"Two years ago I was told I had arthritis in my back and neck and had to lose a lot of weight but slowly so I didn't damage my back further and create more pain than the already chronic back and neck pain I had. In the two years I lost 18 kgs but have since stopped weighing myself because it was getting me down when I wasn't losing weight even though my body had been in the best condition it had been in over 7 yrs. So I stopped weighing myself and focused on building the best body I possibly could while listening to my body so I didn't hurt it.

Doing the BBG and HELP Guide I learnt a lot about nutrition and it gave me the tools to self diagnose I had a problem with gluten. I was tested and diagnosed with Celiac disease which has completely changed my life!
It has only been a couple of months and I already feel better than I have EVER felt in my whole life!
I am not drowsy, bloated and uncomfortable like I used to be. When I eat a good balanced diet I feel amazing and I have learnt that it's about consistency. It has taken me years to be where I am and still now I have chronic back pain and allergic reactions but I keep going. I had to re do some weeks but I listened to my body and came out better then before. For me it's about strengthening my body and fueling it.

Before Kayla I was pushing a size 14 and now I have found my clothes are lose on me and could probably fit a size 12 if I tried.

Your strong message of self love also sent me on my own journey. I don't say anything negative about my body any more and I am always chosing to see the great positive changes in my body and how far I have come."

Wow, I loved reading your story @tamaracuffe! You are looking amazing and more importantly I can tell you feel better both inside and out. Your positive attitude is an inspiration to everyone. Well done!! xx

These two ladies have put in a TON of effort and hard work, despite personal difficulties they have faced and I am SO proud to see them come out on top! 


* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.