Feeling Fit, Healthy & Confident!

Feeling Fit, Healthy & Confident!

This week I am sharing some amazing transformations from two lovely girls who have worked SO hard and achieved incredible results using my guides. Here are their stories:

This is @healthylifekm and she sent me this lovely email:

"My name is Karley and I am currently a college student living in Florida! I have only used the BBTG 1.0 and completely dedicated myself to it. I knew that I would need a little bit of extra help with this process so I turned to the Instagram Community also known as Kayla's Army which has been so helpful with my process! Before I started the guide I was living an unhealthy lifestyle. I was not working out and I was eating extremely unhealthy. I decided to commit myself to this program and I have never felt better! I am the most fit that I have ever been and have learned how to have a very clean diet! Thank you so much Kayla! I have so much more energy now than I ever did! One of the amazing changes in my life is that I have reconnected with so many old friends that I have not spoken to in years that were curious about what I have been doing to get in such great shape. I immediately recommended Kayla's Bikini Body Guide and have had so many of my friends start the guide as well!! I would recommend Kayla's guide to anyone!! Thank you so much Kayla!"

You look amazing @healthylifekm I am so happy that you have found a love in fitness and health and also reconnected with others. That is what I love most about my job! You look amazing and should be SO proud!

Sweat with Kayla

This is the lovely @GinaSantagati who sent me this email:

"Before I discovered your program, going to the gym consisted of twenty minutes on the treadmill and a few ab exercises. I wanted to workout but I just had no idea how. I also had horrible eating habits. I ate whatever I wanted, which included way to much fast food and unhealthy carbs. All summer I felt very uncomfortable being in a bathing suit, shorts and tank tops. I realize now that I was looking for something to commit to but I wasn't sure what and I couldn't find anything that was right for me. Towards the end of the summer I discovered your Instagram and it changed my life. I used both the Bikini Body Training Guide and the HELP Nutrition Guide. The nutrition guide helped me completely transform the way I eat and gain so much knowledge about the importance of eating healthy to fuel my body. The Bikini Body Guide was so easy to follow and was challenging which motivated me to continue. Being able to see results so quickly was my biggest motivator. When I completed the first guide I had lost a total of 30 pounds- I started at 172 lbs and finished at 142 lbs. I went down three pant sizes and continuously throughout the guide I had to keep buying smaller clothing. I gained so much confidence finally being an appropriate size for my height for the first time in my life. Being able to be in a group of people and not feel ashamed about my weight is the best feeling. I used to always be lethargic and took naps frequently but my energy levels have changed so much I can no longer sit still. I know people must say this all of the time but your guide truly changed my life, and not just my appearance. Being healthy, taking care of my body and working to make it the best it can be is now the most important thing in my life and I could never thank you enough for giving me the answer I was so desperately looking for."

Thank you SO much for your sweet email @GinaSantagati, you look absolutely incredible! I am so happy that you are feeling confident, energised and happy. Well done!

Both these girls look amazing, but most importantly FEEL amazing! My guides were created for exactly this reason, being confident in your own skin is the best feeling in the world.

Love, Kayla xx

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.