Proud BBG Girls!

Proud BBG Girls!


Here are two more amazing girls who have completed my guides and changed their lives for the better! I am super proud of them!

Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.

This is the lovely @kkmartt who sent me this email:

"Before I started your guides: I have been a dancer since I was 3, dancing on most days of the week. I'd never really been very body conscious because I'd always been small-ish until the past few years as I got older and had more access to fatty foods like McDonald's :P I am also a very pale person & have been bullied because of it & so naturally I'm so self conscious about the colour of my skin and when I really noticed the change in my body I was so self conscious about everything to do with my body, not just my skin. I really wanted to do something about losing weight, but I was just so busy with dancing & work that it was difficult & I'd already tried to go to the gym but I was always too tired and not motivated enough to go. Then I found your guides & they just suited my lifestyle so well & I was so amazed and inspired by everyone's transformations!!!! I tried starting your guide twice, until I started the third time and that was when I knew I had to stick with it, no excuses!

I've felt a crazy amount of progress in terms of every aspect of my life. I've gone from a size 10 down to a 6-8 & from a DD down to a C cup. I feel so much more energised and fit. I've never felt this fit and healthy before & it's awesome :) I'm so much more confident about my body now, I just can't believe that it worked so well! It was such am awesome feeling to see my transformation through photos as the guide went on & at the very end as well. I also had an awesome experience when I jumped on the scales for the first time since I started just because I was curious & I realised I'd lost 8kg! I was ecstatic, I haven't weighed less than 60kg in a very long time! I used both the Bikini Body Training Guide and the HELP Nutrition Guide, they are amazing!!"

I love your smile in the 'after' photo, you look great @kkmartt! I am so happy you have found confidence in your body and are loving living a healthy lifestyle - you should be very proud! Thanks for the email!

Sweat with Kayla
Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.

This is the gorgeous @polka.tuesday who sent me this lovely email:

"I was always very active, competing in triathlons and running, however I was never really committed and my training reflected this. I also used this active lifestyle as an excuse to eat whatever I wanted. But I never really improved in my running or triathlons, and always thought that 'near enough was good enough'. It never occurred to me that the the junk i was putting into my body and the lack of respect I was giving to my training was detrimental. Eventually as I put on more weight, I found it hard to train because it was beginning to hurt my body, but I was still eating the same. I put on so much weight that I started getting injuries and then stopped training altogether. This affected my confidence and as a result my body image was so poor. 

In April 2014 I went to the doctor for a check up and was shocked when the doctor told me that my blood pressure was so high that she recommended medication. I asked her what I could do to avoid medication, as I was only 29 at the time. She suggested losing weight, and gave me three months to work on reducing my weight and blood pressure.

This was the kick I needed, I cleaned up my diet by removing sugar and I lost 5 kilograms within a few months. Though I felt that I needed more, that my body deserved something else, and then one day I was scrolling a news website, I came across an article about you. I saw all the transformations of girls doing your guides and decided that I would be one of them. I wanted to challenge myself to become a better version of me. These guides do that!

After each workout from the guides, I felt stronger in my body, but more importantly I also felt mentally tougher and like I'd really accomplished something. The frequent changes I was noticing made me eager to commit to this new lifestyle and despite living in a remote area of Australia, 200km from the nearest town, I committed to working out, and making myself accountable. Sometimes using chairs for a bench, bottles of water for weights and rope for a skipping rope, I worked out on my verandah in 35 degree heat and humidity because I was so inspired and committed. My self confidence sky rocketed, because if I can get through 28 minutes of these workouts 3-4 times a week, I really can get through anything. 

At the end of the 12 weeks, I've lost an average of three inches of fat from my body, and am wearing size 8-10 clothes (before i was really only comfortable in size 14) but the mental change completely outweighs the physical. Rather than comfort eat, I now excercise when I'm feeling down and care about what goes into my body. Perhaps the most important thing now though is that my blood pressure is completely normal. 

Thanks Kayla for putting out these guides, it's changed my life. Your dedication to improving women's lives and attitudes is so evident!"

Wow! Thankyou SO much for your email @polka.tuesday you look absolutely amazing!! I am so happy you found confidence in your body again, you put in so much effort and have definitely reaped the rewards! You should be very proud!

I love these two transformations, both girls are confident, happy and living a lifestyle that drives their energy and fitness levels! 

Kayla xx


* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.