2017: The Year of Body Confidence

2017: The Year of Body Confidence

Make 2017 your year and feel amazing! Read these two inspiring stories to have you on your way to positive changes :)

This is the lovely Gaja who sent me this email:

“Hi Kayla,

During high school (2011), I wasn’t interested in sport and good nutrition. Simply, I didn’t care about anything.

I used to eat every kind of snack, sweets and junk food. University began, I started to walk more than before because I had to go there by train and my station was sooooo far from where I had lessons. However, no sport and obviously junk food.

I decided to change my lifestyle as I was only 20 and I had a lot of trouble only to get up the stairs, for example. I felt like I had a building on myself.

I realized that it was not the life I wanted for myself. I wanted to challenge myself, to feel more comfortable with my body, I was really tired of wearing only large pants or long sleeves shirt.

One day, searching something on the web, I found your page. I started the BBG guide. I can’t describe how good, helpful, cheerful I felt. I did the BBG 1.0 two times and now I’m challenging myself with the BBG 2.0.

When you start to see some material progress, I’m talking about your clothing size, your reflection in the mirror, you understand that all of what you’ve done until then brought you closer to a best version of yourself.

I see my improvements day after day. I gained so much more confidence with my body, more energy, more resistance, more courage and I’m more outgoing and social with other people. My will to live better and healthier is strong now too. I’m pure energy mixed with lots of muscles.

So thankful to you, Kayla!! I really can’t thank you enough. Really. Now I’m the best version of myself.

Gaja - @gactively”

Gaja, your results are incredible! I just love hearing that your confidence is through the roof. Keep on sweating! xx

Sweat With Kayla

This is the lovely Grace who sent me this email:

"Hi Kayla,

I had always been a very active teen. When I started college my lifestyle changed and became way more sedentary. After college, I married the sweetest best man in the entire world, moved to Richmond VA, and my lifestyle stayed sedentary.

I was getting to the point where my clothes didn't fit, I hated how I looked, and I had hit a very emotional/hormonal place where I would be crying for ABSOLUTELY no reason. Super weird to experience when you've always been very happy cheerful kind of person who NEVER cries!

I became convinced that the personality change was due to hormone changes and thought working out consistently would fix it. I heard about your BBG guides on Facebook and bought them. Best money I've EVER spent.

I now fit into all my old clothes, my energy level have increased and I feel amazing! My hormones have levelled out and I no longer cry when the soup I ordered isn't quite as delicious as I was hoping! I am happier and fun to be around again!

Thank you!

Grace - @Gracie.105"

Thank you for your inspiring story, Grace. I’m so glad to hear that you are happier than ever! SO proud of you xx

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Love, Kayla xx

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