Transformations To Be Inspired By!

Transformations To Be Inspired By!

These two lovely ladies sent their transformations through to me and what can I say? WOW! They have put in an incredible amount of effort, and you can see it by their results! I am SUPER proud of them both! #KaylasArmy 

Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.

This is the lovely @crownedkids who sent me this email:

"Before I started with "Kayla" I was an athlete through and through. I played every sport imaginable as a kid and chose Field Hockey as my #1 which I played at a Division 1 college for two years. Of all the sports I've played through all the stages of my 23-year-short life, I have NEVER looked or felt as good as I do this very day! I got pregnant when I was 21 and was so scared thinking my body would never look the same and that is true, now I have wider hips and a defined six pack!! I ate very clean all through my pregnancy and worked out until the day I went into labor. I washed my husbands car (inside AND out) went for a walk and went to dinner with my in-laws that day. After I gave birth I knew I wanted to get back into shape but a lot had changed, now I had a baby attached to me 24/7, how was I supposed to work out and get fit?! When I saw your page and went on your website I just KNEW! It was perfect for the athlete in me, challenging and always different. It was perfect for the mother I had just become, short enough for nap time and long enough to burn the fat my body had stored during those long 9 months! I have never really struggled with my diet (besides my freshman year in college, that was when I got to 150 lb and ZERO definition, even while playing a sport year round). I did, however, struggle with the body type of a boy and never feeling sexy. After completing your guide I feel sexy, energetic and confident! I will start the guide from the beginning and compete with my former self so that the athlete in me stays alive and WELL! Thank you so much :)"

Thank YOU for your lovely email @crownedkids! Look at those abs!! I am SO happy you feel sexy and confident, you are a beautiful mum and deserve to feel that way! 

 Sweat with Kayla

Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.

This is the lovely @sweatsmileallison who sent me this email:

"Before I started the BBTG (I am 6 weeks in), I was letting my senior year of college get the best of me. I'd work out when I felt like it, but had no routine. I would put off grocery shopping for as long as I could, and hardly ever bought anything nutritious. Instead, I lived off of frozen meals and having fast food in between classes. Although absolutely not among my proudest moments, this time helped me realize that such an unhealthy lifestyle didn't line up with the active, motivated person I am when I'm at my best. Since starting the BBTG and simultaneously committing to healthy eating, I continually see results in places I never even looked before. I have so much more energy and focus, I sleep better, all of my old clothes are already WAY too big for me (excuse to go shopping?!) and best of all -- I feel incredible!! As someone who has struggled to stay motivated in the past, I genuinely look forward to the BBTG workouts because they're different each day, and never get boring. I finally learned that when you stop looking for a quick fix like "getting skinny fast for spring break" and commit to a lifestyle change, the benefits show in incredible ways you never would have imagined.

Thank you for everything! I am completely changed because of your guides!!"
Thank you so much for your amazing email @sweatsmileallison, I am SOO proud of you! To change your eating habits can be very difficult especially under the added pressure of look absolutely amazing and I can't wait to see your 12 week progress shots! 

Both of these ladies are super inspirational to me, and reading stories like this is what puts the smile on my face!

Love, Kayla xx

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.