Transformation Tuesday With Impressive Results!

Transformation Tuesday With Impressive Results!

Transformation Tuesday With Impressive Results!

I have some amazing transformations to share this week, these two girls have worked VERY hard and I am SO proud of their effort and results!

Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.

This is the lovely @mind.over_body who sent me this email:

"I am a 19 year-old varsity college athlete. I have always been active growing up, playing sports and hitting the gym regularly. I have a small frame but was never satisfied with my body. I wanted to be toned and strong, not small and weak. I came across your guides when one of my good friends showed me your Instagram. I was immediately blown away by everyone's results! I started following all these girls' fitness pages and reading about their BBG journeys. Right then, I knew I wanted to try it. I was tired of feeling sluggish and unmotivated, and the guides became the change I wanted to see in myself. I remember in week one, I was doing push ups on my knees and could barely do 10 burpees in a row without stopping. Then after a few weeks, I was doing regular push ups and would finish a circuit with way fewer breaks, which was a huge surprise! 

The BBG workouts greatly improved my endurance and muscle strength. I actually started to enjoy waking up early and hitting the gym! It became my daily challenge to overcome, and I loved it. I started noticing changes in my body-- my thighs were slimmer, my stomach more toned. But more importantly, I noticed mental changes in myself. I was now full of energy, conquering everyday. I felt happier, having a more positive view of myself. After each workout I felt like a champion. For 28 minutes, I sweat and throbbed during those circuits, but once the timer was up, I felt so accomplished and proud. The best feeling was overcoming the things I once thought I could never do. BBG tested my strength, physically and mentally, and had me prove to myself that I CAN accomplish anything I want to. The guides are so much more than a workout routine-- they taught me that my abilities are endless, I just have to put in my best effort and believe in myself.

I used both the Bikini Body Training Guide and the HELP Nutrition Guide. I didn't start taking the HELP guide seriously until around week 4 into the program, but once I did, it made all the difference! Before, I never knew how to properly nourish my body. I used to not eat breakfast, way overeat during meals, and binge on sweets. I even tried being Paleo for three weeks, barely eating any carbs, thinking that was good for me. I learned SO much from the HELP guide about proper nutrition! Now I always start the day with a protein-packed breakfast, eat only all natural foods, and crave fruit for dessert! It has been amazing. Eating right has given me so much more energy than I had before and definitely helped my body transform. 

So thank you, Kayla. Thank you so much for giving me the confidence to feel proud in my own skin. I have never felt stronger, happier, more energized, or more in-tune with my body and my life then I do now. The BBG journey has been the best one yet! I can't wait to finish BBG 2.0 and start all over again with the greatest fit sisters all over the world! 

Much love, Dara xx"


Sweat with Kayla

Thank you SO much for your email Dara!! Look at those abs, you look incredible! I am so proud of you, and happy to read you have changed your lifestyle and are loving it. xx

Love, Kayla x

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.