Bikini Body Guide Results - Confident, Strong & Happy

Bikini Body Guide Results - Confident, Strong & Happy

I have two amazing transformations to share with you girls this week! Both of these girls have put in SO much effort, I am super proud of them. If you want to start your own transformation story you can get started right here!

Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.

This is the lovely @stephsayssmile who sent me this email:

I have struggled on and off with my health and weight over the last year and found it difficult to stick with an exercise program. I eat quite well in general, however I really slack off when it comes to exercise. Over the Christmas break I gained a lot of body fat due to poor choices and I realised it was time to take charge of my health and find a program I could stick to, not just in the short term but in the long term. I wasn’t happy with my health and fitness levels or my appearance due to my weight gain. I knew nothing would change until I did, so I did some research and found your page and was so inspired by the transformations and the program itself that I signed up on the spot. I have lost 24.5cm from my overall body measurements! This includes 4.5cm from my waist and 6cm from my middle. My confidence is back and my fitness levels are improving every day, I feel amazing and strong but most importantly, I am happy! Thank you!”

Wow! You look incredible @stephsayssmile you should be SO proud of your progress, you look happier, healthier and more confident! xx

Sweat with Kayla

Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.

This is the lovely @ahealthyguide who sent me this email:

I used to be really lazy before and I would ruin my good breakfast/ lunch and dinner choices with a lot of sweets. The combination of sweets and cakes and being lazy were so bad for my body, but at that time it felt comforting. I've had the "before" body type as long as I can remember. I tried many different diets but those never lasted long and I would gain everything back that I had lost. Also I bought really expensive diet pills that promised that you could eat "anything" and still lose weight. Sometimes I feel so naive for doing that. You taught me that there is no quick fix and that you have to be willing to work for it and that you must have discipline. I decided to change my lifestyle because I was really unhappy with myself. I was unhappy with the person I had to see in the mirror everyday. It's really much harder being unhappy with your image than going to the gym everyday. Honestly I started the first Bikini Body Guide last summer for the first time. My boyfriend gave it to me as a present when he knew I wanted to have it and because he knew how unhappy I was. But then I just made it till week three and quit with it, I've had a lot of excuses but the truth is that I found it too hard.

Changing a lifestyle isn't easy. This time I chose to stick with it and finish it. I am so happy I did that. I am redoing the first guide before moving to the second one. Because when I started the first one I wasn't able to do it properly at the beginning. I have gained so much more strength and I want to do it properly this time before moving on to a much more harder guide. During the process you and the BBG community really kept me motivated, I'm so grateful for that! I have seen so much progress in my body, clothing, energy and self confidence. I still fit my old clothing but it fits so much better and I feel so much more confident wearing my clothes. I also feel so much more confident about myself because the guides made me realize that I'm a strong person and that I can do anything if I put my mind to it. I just have to do it. The energy is amazing. As I said I was really lazy but now I want to workout. I feel so bad if I don't go to the gym every single day. This new lifestyle just makes me happier than I ever thought it could. Even though I have both guides I've started with the Training Guide first. I wasn't ready to make drastic food changes when I started. I just quit the sweets, bad fats and the sugars. Now I will start the HELP guide because I am ready to learn more about nutrition. I am working really hard at the gym every day and I realized that I may let food ruin a lot of progress. So I will be following the HELP Guide starting on Monday. Thank you!”

Thank you SO much for emailing in @ahealthyguide! Your progress is amazing and I am so happy you decided to share your story with me! I am so proud that you are ready to learn more about nutrition and WANT to fuel your body to work at it's best! xx

Thanks to both these amazing girls for emailing in, I love reading all your stories so if you're reading this, and have a story please email me at

Kayla xx

* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.