Inspiring Bikini Body Guide Results

Inspiring Bikini Body Guide Results

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Here are some amazing Bikini Body Guide transformations that I NEED to share with you! Both of these women are such an inspiration!

bikini body guide result

This is the lovely @jennna___xo who sent me this email:

"I'm a 27yr old mum of 4 children aged 8,6,4 & 2. After my last born son I decided things had to change. After my husband & I decided we would have no more kids, that's when I put my foot down & thought it's about time I did something for myself. In April 2013 I started my journey, I tried every fad & diet on the market - they worked for a short time & I always gave up & started again. In January 2015 both my husband & I decided it's a new year & a new start so jan 5th we kicked off our journey together I started doing the Bikini Body Training Guide. I cleaned up my diet & only had one cheat meal a week, I started off weighing 58.2kg (I was 62.2 before Xmas) & finished my 12week challenge weighing 54.9kg. After having 4 caesareans I never ever thought I could get a toned stomach but with persistence & patience I'm slowly getting there & I've never felt better, I don't think I've ever looked as good as this even before children. I am so greatful to have had this guide to go by & it's been a great kickstart into 2015 & bigger & better changes are to come so thanks Kayla you are amazing :)"

Wow! You look absolutely AMAZING Jenna! I am SO proud of you, you are an inspiration to all Mum's out there! xx

bikini body guide results

 This is the lovely @codiefrank who sent me this email:

"Before I started the Bikini Body Training Guide I had a very unhealthy lifestyle. I often ate take away food and I hardly exercised. I would constantly complain and I always felt so self conscious about my weight but I never did anything about it. I got to a point where I had to face reality and realise that complaining wasn’t going to make it any better. Since starting kayla I have noticed a huge change in my body, I feel stronger each week I complete BBG and I feel so much more confident. I have had a number of people from work comment that I have lost weight and this has given me so much motivation to keep going. In my first picture taken just before I started BBG 1.0, I weighed 87 kilos. After finishing BBG 1.0 I weighed in at 79 kilos. With the help of the BBG and the HELP Nutrition Guide I was able to lose 8 kilos. The thing that I have loved most about this experience is the self confidence I have gained. I highly encourage anyone looking to change their lifestyle to give this a shot. Thanks Kayla!"

You look incredible @codiefrank!!! You should be SO proud of all your hard work. I am so happy you have new found self confidence! xx

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Love, Kayla x


* Results may vary. Strict adherence to the nutrition and exercise guide are required for best results.

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